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Post by Guest on Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:57 am

Woot another chapter done! More me in this chapter~ Idk who'll starr the next one. But...I added a little something to the chapter, just a little. You'll see what it is. Anyways, enjoy reading and remember to review!

Chapter 9 – Start

Nouqnosliw sat in the dungeon room pondering. Various things were running through his mind. The goblins want for peace and whether it’s true, the plan to come up with, if he should come up with an escape plan, and his guild members that were with him when he got captured. Did they actually get out alive? He missed them a lot, especially Yazmine. She had cared for him so much, and all he could do was this. Maybe he should’ve helped her more before because he didn’t know if he would ever see her again.

“Damn it! Not the time to be thinking about that!” Nouqnosliw cursed himself. “Focus Nouq focus. Think of a plan.” He concluded that it’d be best to think of the plan for Firo, even if it would later be a trap. He certainly wasn’t going anywhere at his current standing. If it’s a trap, he’ll deal with that later. With that, he stated writing down everything he knew about Barri and Bangor and how to get in, get out and have the goblins with him. He knew that Bangor had few people in it, but it was also a small town. He knew if they saw goblins out in the open, they would attack them mercilessly. There had to be another way.

Several hours later

“Human…our lord wishz to speaks with you.” A goblin came in, most likely the same one that had been messaging him before.

“Very well. I’ll be there shortly.” Nouqnosliw replied and went through the plan once more in his head, packed his papers, and headed out to see Firo. When he got to the large room, not only Firo was there, but also the two other large goblins, and probably about 40 regular goblins too. They are expecting a plan, and one that will work.

“Nouqnosliw…have you formulated a plan yet? I do not wish to rush you, however time is running out. We must act soon.” Firo said, which caught Nouqnosliw’s attention. Why are the goblins running out of time? Is there something going on? However, he ignored the thoughts for now, and replied:

“First, I have two questions. The first is, do you have any goblins that can dig here?”

“Yes…we do. It’s how we were able to create these large rooms and cells in Rabbie.”

“That’s what I thought. The second question is, do any of you know how to use the mining carts at Barri?” The goblins started all looked at each other and then one stepped forward, replying:

“I canz run ze cartz at Barri.”

“As can we.” Two other goblins stepped up. Nouqnosliw looked for any others. 3 goblins and him could run it.

“With me, that makes four of us. It’s not as much as I hoped, but it’ll work.” All the goblins looked at each other and then listened on what Nouqnosliw had to say. The plan first starts with the three closed off tunnels outside Bangor. With the help of the goblins, those tunnels can be reused and tracks can be placed, which will lead right to the Barri entrance. The mining cart will take goblins from the dungeon to the entrance and from the entrance to the exit at the tunnels. Firo will need to create a blockade at Barri dungeon so people inside Bangor can’t get in while goblins are escaping. Nouqnosliw and a few other goblins will join him, and everyone else stays at the exits to watch. With that, all the goblins in there should be able to get out quickly and safely.

All the goblins looked at each other quite fascinated, even Firo. Nouqnosliw saw the excitement in their eyes, and whether their goal was to have peace or get domination, they were close and were willing to trust him to the end for it to succeed.

“An extraordinary plan, I was expecting a good one, but I am still amazed. Very well, we shall start when dusk falls and move toward Barri. Prepare for battle everyone! We do not know what may come, but we shall fight! We shall reach our goal!” Firo cried out loud, with the war cry response from every goblin there. For the goblins, it was now or never.

The night air felt good on Nouqnosliw’s skin. He had been in the dungeon for far too long and he missed the fresh air. The soft grass, the rustling leaves, and the wind blowing across his face. This is what he needed. Dunbarton was relatively easy to pass, since at night activity was small and it was hard to see if there was anything in the distance. Going through Gairech Hills caused more commotion, as animals did not like seeing so many goblins passing their territory. If it were not for Firo and the two other large goblins, they most likely would have been attacked. The kobold bandits also eyed the goblins. While the kobolds don’t like humans, they don’t like goblins either, due to their similar looks. Kobolds always thought themselves as the more superior race, but even with that thought, they did not dare attack with Firo around. Two hours before midnight and the goblins, with Nouqnosliw, arrived at the 3 tunnels he mentioned earlier. Nouqnosliw ripped away the wooden boards that were supposed to seal off the tunnels and looked down it. Despite not being used in a long time, the tunnels were fine and only needed a little tunneling.

“Alright Firo, 3 minutes after I pass through the entrance in town, create the blockade. Make it a huge one; it doesn’t matter if it covers half of Bangor. Actually, that would work better because it would take more time. However, whatever you do, do not hurt anyone. Got that?” Nouqnosliw asked, looking at Firo.

“I will create a landslide with the boulders and rocks above. I can guarantee that no one will be hurt. You should go. Time is running out.” Firo stated and left to the higher cliffs around Bangor.

“I will go through the main entrance to check for anyone. The rest of you know the plan, join me when the barricade is up, or stay and help others escape. I need the goblins who know how to run carts to go into the dungeon though. Got that?” Nouqnosliw explained and looked at all of them. They simply nodded and one of the large goblins stepped forward, with a robe on.

“Allow me, Izan, to assist you.” He spoke and bowed. Nouqnosliw was about to refuse, but realized that his cover allowed him to look like a large giant, and people wouldn’t really see his face.

“Alright. Let’s move out then.” Nouqnosliw said and walked to Bangor, with the hooded Izan following him. The merchant traders at the edges of Bangor never paid attention to either of them, as a new merchant had just arrived and was planning to rest for the night, looking for opinions from the traders. Nouqnosliw and Izan moved carefully into the town. Like Nouqnosliw expected, most stores were closed, yet there were still people at Jennifer’s outdoor pub. Nouqnosliw ignored them, not wanting to attract attention as they continued to walk closer to the entrance. Nouqnosliw turned his head once more to see if anyone was looking at them, and was about to turn back until he was knocked back. A girl had come out of the dungeon, crying.

“I’m sorry! I..I...” She stammered, trying to hold in her tears, but broke out again.

“Is something wrong?” Nouqnosliw asked.
“The goblins! I just wanted some ores and so I was just trying to avoid them, and then my hand slipped and the weapon flew, killing one of them…then all of them were after me! It was just an accident but…they kept on chasing and trying to kill me. I just hate them, yet I’m scared of them!” The girl spouted off all in a blur, and ran away.

“I’m sorry that my race is like that. We will do our best to change.” Izan apologized and Nouqnosliw simply nodded. Both of them walked in stood on the altar. Each gave a look to the other and nodded. With the drop of a coin, they were taken to the inside of Barri dungeon. The rescue mission for the goblins of Barri has begun.

Chapter 9 – End

Yeah I know, the girl is pathetic. So what, shes not important lol. And if none of you caught it, the partIaddedinwasromance. Just thought i should. Anyways, review please! Other thread if possible Surprised


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:09 am

Alrighty! Finished another! After this, chapter are probably gonna come out slower because of school again. However, read and review, it'll inspire me more than you think and chapters may come out faster! Enjoy!
Oh yeah! This is my 100th post! Yay me Razz

Chapter 10 – Start

While most of the soldiers from the Tara army fell asleep due to the long battle underground, one soldier decided to stay awake. Despite what happened at Tara and the long hard battle, this soldier was in a good mood. He, Antoniozx, who had joined the Ewecaclowns just a week before this event, had finally got to see his guild leader and other members fight, and he also did well holding off the zombies. He felt accomplished, despite not being the strongest there or being the one a major factors in the battle. He looked around at the guild members again: Khayy, Yazmine, Apolloo, Clowny, Sircookie, Liam, Abba, Littlemouse, Killer, Gimer, and Xisler. He knew some of his guildmates were strong, but he didn’t know so many was that strong, like Clowny and Sircookie. He looked up at the night sky again. It was dark, but lightened by the many bright stars. If only for a moment, the world felt peaceful to him and safe to him.

“You did well today Antonio.” Antoniozx turned his head to see Khayy seated next to him.

“Ah…I just did what every other soldier did. Nothing special.” Antoniozx replied.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s special or not. What matters is if it helped or not. You should get some rest; we’ll need fresh legs for tomorrow.” Khayy said and Antoniozx nodded. He moved back closer to the campfire and rested himself on the tree, getting ready for the next day.

Khayy, Clowny, Liam, Abba, and Xisler woke up early the next morning. Even though they had taken food and rations from the castle before they left, that supply was draining fast. They had to feed all the soldiers, citizens, and the guild members that were there. If they did not get food soon, people would soon starve, so they had decided to go hunt. They were west of Emain Macha, but north of Blago prairie. This area had little travellers, meaning wildlife was plenty. Khayy went to fish at the river, Clowny and Xisler went to hunt animals like deer and bear, while Liam and Abba went to go look for more herbs and berries. The rest of the guild members were still sleeping, or they were told to watch guard.

“…And so, that’s why I joined Ewecaclowns.” Antoniozx finished his story to Gimer. Gimer nodded in approval and was about to answer until another voice spoke:

“He’s lying. He joined the guild because he knew how awesome I was and he wants to be that awesome too.” Both turned around to see Littlemouse smiling and laughed.

“Where’s Khayy, Clowny…and the others?” Littlemouse asked, not exactly knowing who left.

“They went to go hunt for some food. Khayy said that we’re going to run out of food if we don’t get some soon. They should be back pretty soon.” Antoniozx replied and right at that moment, they heard footsteps coming. Everyone had come back. Khayy returned with a net full of fresh fishes. Clowny and Xisler were holding up a bear, with a deer on top. Abba and Liam had come back with arms full of various herbs and fruits.

“Yay more food!” Littlemouse piped up and she went to start some morning fires for the awakening people. Clowny called over Gimer to help him go back and carry another bear, which was significantly larger and the giants headed back to get the last bear. Everyone else woke up and started preparing for the morning. Antoniozx, with the other soldiers helped pass various things around to people, while a few willing people decided to cook food for everyone. Despite everything that has happened recently, it seemed that a good night’s sleep made everyone enter a brighter mood. At a small campfire, Khayy, Yazmine, Apolloo, Clowny, Sircookie, and Abba sat together, discussing the next move.

“So Khayy, do you know what we should do next?” Apolloo asked.

“While I was fishing, I received owls from both Lunarlove and Darkness(darkness137). Lunar is in Emain right now and will be waiting for us to get there, while Dark is at Taillteann fighting the Fomors there because the ones that broke out at Tara are now passed Corrib Valley and laying an offensive on Taillteann. I wouldn’t doubt if they opened the altar there too. He said they also probably won’t last much longer, and will soon escape to either Dunbarton or Emain. So my suggestion remains the same as when we were leaving. We head to Emain and plan there. At Emain, we have more space and people to help keep watch over all these citizens. Any other suggestions, questions, or comments?” Khayy finished. The group looked at one another, until Abba answered:

“I agree with the plan…but I was just wondering. What about Comh and Pyscojrb? Did you get any word from them?”

“Unfortunately no. I haven’t heard from them yet, let’s just hope they’re alright.” Khayy replied.

“What about…Nouq?” Yazmine asked quietly, even though she already knew the answer before it came.

“…No. Nothing from Nouq. I think Nouq will be alright. He’s a smart guy.”

“You only think? So…he could…” Yazmine didn’t finish her sentence as her voice just drowned out.

“Well, I KNOW Nouq will be fine. He’s been through worse. He’ll outwit those goblins and before you know it he’ll be with us again. No need to worry about him Yaz, we have to focus on our problem.” Clowny comforted. Yazmine showed more relief on her face, but still looked uneasy. Despite that, she said nothing more.

“To Emain it is then. I’ll go inform the soldiers.” Sircookie concluded.

“I’ll come too. You guys just sit back and relax before we head out.” Apolloo added and followed Sircookie to everyone else. The rest of the group finished their breakfast in silence and packed up quietly. Even though earlier everyone seemed to be in bright spirits, when news spread that they had to go to Emain, the energy of the group died down. They probably got reminded that they’re not on some vacation, and instead they’re running away for their lives.

“Alright everyone! Let’s start heading to Emain then!” Khayy called out to everyone just as an owl flew by and dropped a letter to him. Khayy grabbed the letter and read it silently. His face grimaced as he went further and further down the page.

“Did something happen Khayy?” Liam asked first.

“It’s from Dark.Taillteann has just started their retreat/escape plan to Dunbarton.” Khayy stated, frowning.

“Oh no…not Taillteann now. Tara and Taillteann were the strongest cities on Uladh.” Apolloo said, and many citizens murmured and agreed with her statement.

“That’s not all. Ciar dungeon had an outbreak and monsters came out of the dungeon. Basically it means, Tir Chonaill has also fallen to the hands of the Fomors.” Khayy finished.

Chapter 10 - End

And there you have it! Please read and review! Other thread would be preferred Very Happy but people haven't really been following that, so just somewhere I can read it~
Btw, any ideas for a title? Surprised


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by AntonioXZ on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:02 pm

Thx for making it that i don't die as much as i usually do!

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by abbachoochee on Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:13 pm

Lol ant, btw if you die in this story, it's Pshhh, goodbye forever.
The story is progressing real good so far btw nouq. Keep up the good work. Surprised

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Yazmine on Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:51 am

lol should put my brother in the story then have him killed off .

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by devildued on Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:09 pm

Great story nouq you really have an amazing talent for writing. Btw titles I was thinking maybe...THE THIRD FOMOR WAR or something like that. i unno its your story


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:40 am again with another chapter. Kinda slow chapter, but this was mainly to get another plot going, with introducing more characters in there. I hope its enjoyable~ Remember, Read and Review. Other thread please if possible ~

Chapter 11 – Start

“How could this have happened?” Flowright mouthed, as she looked at the scene that was in front of her. The Tir Chonaill that used to be peaceful, quiet, and relaxing, has now turned into a nightmare. Houses were being burned down, people were screaming, animals were panicking everywhere. Skeletons, rat people, and spiders were the main cause of this, at least that’s what Flowright saw. However, there were also two humans creating havoc too, one with a blue robe and one with a white robe. Who they were though, she had no idea.

“Hey! We got to run away, or we’ll die!” A random guy came running up to her. She looked at him suspiciously at first, but followed him anyways, going into Tir Chonaill was not a good option either. She took one last look at the burning and dying village and then turned and ran, hoping someday she would be able to see the beauty there once again.

“So what’s your name?” Flowright asked, after they had gotten a safe distance away from the mayhem in Tir Chonaill.

“I’m Devildued, or just Devil for short. I’m also a part of the Ewecaclowns guild.” The guy said proudly, pulling off the hood on the nathane snow mountain coat to reveal his dark hair. He stood at about six feet, and had a gentle but simple facial structure.

“Oh! I’m also in Ewecaclowns!” Flowright exclaimed. It was good she ran into someone she could at least put some trust in, being in the same guild. Better than a random stranger.

“Awesome! It’s a good thing we both got out in time, or we might have been captured or something.” Devil stated, taking a seat near the pathway to Dugald and started setting up a small campfire.

“What happened there?” Flowright asked, also taking a seat and brushing her beautiful black hair away from her face and looking at the semi-finished campfire with sparkling, round eyes. Devil continued working on the campfire, setting up the wood, piling it together, but did not say anything. When he finally had a nice fire up, he spoke:

“It was catastrophic. Just about an hour before the sun had set, Tir was doing alright, until someone came running into town saying that there are rat men and skeletons coming from the direction of Ciar. The guy then just ran off, and we all thought he was going crazy. Unfortunately, shortly afterward they did actually show up and started creating havoc in the town. We weren’t prepared for such a battle, so most either just fled as fast as they could, either to Dunbarton or in the north to Sidhe Sneatcha. I was still there fighting to help others escape, until I realized it was time for me to run, and that’s where I saw you.” Devil finished quietly, looking into the fire.

“Do you know how they broke out, or who the two humans were helping them?” Flow asked, remembering that there were two humans also helping the skeletons and rat men.

“What? There were humans helping them?” Devil asked surprisingly.

“I guess you didn’t see, but there were two humans helping them. So we know nothing of them?” Flow asked once more.

“No…nothing. Anyways, enough of that sad stuff. What brought you to Tir?” Devil spoke, a little bit louder this time.

“I’ve been looking for news on the guild. For some reason, I can’t get into the guild hall through the guild stone and I haven’t heard from anyone, so I thought I should check around. Usually someone like Nouq is always wandering everywhere, so I thought to look for him. Haven’t found anyone or any clues though.” Flow replied, and then asked the same to Devil.

“Only came here to do some training and work on my basics again. Didn’t hear anything from the guild either.” Devil stated, and both just sighed. Right now, both had seen a terrible yet unbelievable event and both don’t know what to do next.

Whooo! Whoo! An owl hovered above the campfire that Devil and Flowright were resting at and then dropped a letter to them. Flowright caught the letter and looked up once more for the owl, but it had already disappeared. They looked at the letter and Flowright opened it and read it aloud,
“Dear any Ewecaclowns that have received this letter, the guild, has reached a crisis. Unable to keep our enemies contained, Tara has been overrun with Fomors. Currently, we are escaping to Emain Macha and will stay there to regroup, unless unexpected problems come up. We hope that you can join us in Emain Macha as we prepare to fight back against the Fomors, not only for the guild sake, but for all of humanity. Khayy.”

“Wow. Who would’ve thought all this would have happened.” Devil spoke quietly as he and Flowright looked at each other in disbelief. “What should we do now?”

“Well, I guess we head to Emain. Which way should we go, through Taillteann or Dunbarton?” Flowright replied, still looking at the letter in awe.

“Why don’t we go separate ways? I’ll go through Dunbarton, you through Taillteann. That way, Fomors have a lower chance of finding us and we can probably find out more information.” Devil suggested, getting his weapons ready again and preparing to move on.

“Alright. Then I guess we head out now, no reason to wait anymore. Hopefully I see you at Emain then.” Flowright agreed and Devil said his goodbyes, heading south to Dunbarton, while Flowright went southwest to Taillteann, unaware of the dangers lying ahead.

“Now I wonder if I missed any other events when I was gone…” Flowright said to herself as she continued down the path, spotting a little white rabbit hopping down the moonlit trail. Such an innocent rabbit, yet it had to face all the dangers that were caused by humans and Fomors.

“Such, is the way of an unjust world.” Flowright sighed and headed to the area of Sliab Cuilin.

Chapter 11- End

There you have it! Hopefully next chapter is better. Read and review in other thread please Very Happy


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:02 pm

Another day, another chapter! I feel as if the ending of this chapter is a bit off...idk, what do you think? Well, I hope it meets expectations! As for the other people who wanted to be in my story, I promise I'll get you in! Just give me a reminder to who all you are! Well...hope you enjoy reading Very Happy. Remember to review too!~

Chapter 12 – Start

“You’re a good fighter Izan.” Nouqnosliw complimented, finishing off another Flying Sword.

“Thank you. You are no weakling yourself.” Izan replied. The two had been progressing steadily along in Barri dungeon with relative ease. With most of the rooms having goblins in them, it meant they didn’t have to fight nearly as much, as the goblins would walk or ride the mine cart back to the entrance. The other monsters could not match up to Izan or Nouqnosliw’s skill and strength and the monsters fell quickly.

“How long do you think it’s been since we entered?” Nouqnosliw asked.

“45 minutes.” Izan replied bluntly. He wasn’t much of a talker, but he was respectful and helpful.

“45 minutes, and we just started the third and final floor. We’re making good time.” Nouqnosliw calculated. Judging by their previous pace, they should finish this floor in about thirty minutes, which mean shortly after midnight. They were making great time. At least to him it was, maybe Firo would think differently.

“We still must keep moving quickly. We cannot dawdle.” Izan said seriously. Nouqnosliw just nodded and the two continued on the dungeon. Throughout the dungeon, Nouqnosliw closely inspected Izan’s fighting style. When they fought the first time, Nouqnosliw never got a good chance to inspect his fighting capabilities and style, as he was more worried about surviving, and had to worry about the other large goblins attack. Izan fought much differently from other goblins. Many goblins use the method of attacking the opponent and then going into a defensive mode, before striking again, however Izan doesn’t do that. Despite his size, Izan never stayed still while fighting an opponent. He would always move left, right, forward or backward. His speed is also above average, meaning his opponents couldn’t hit him as easily. To Nouqnosliw, it wouldn’t work too well if he used it, but for Izan, it confuses his opponents immensely, mainly due to the fact that he’s such a large creature, but is moving so fast. Most monsters would sooner or later start to feel overwhelmed by his very presence moving around them.

“Nouqnosliw. Do you have any plan against the ogre warriors?” Izan brought up, picking up another key.

“Well, there are two options. The first is to leave right before we get to their room, and escape with everyone as fast as possible. I don’t recommend this due to the fact that the ogres will go on a rampage soon after they know someone took away their minions.” Nouqnosliw explained, watching as the mining cart came back and picked up the next group of goblins.

“The second option is…?” Izan questioned.

“We fight. At least, I will fight. By fighting them and explaining our point, they will accept what has happened, as long as we defeat them. If we don’t…well, I think we know what will happen to us then. You can leave though. I was planning to do this alone anyways.” Nouqnosliw finished. Izan only looked at him and said:

“If you fight, then I fight. I would never leave a comrade by themselves in a battle.”

“Comrade? You consider me as a comrade?” Nouqnosliw looked stunned.

“You do not?” Izan replied.

“Well, I didn’t completely consider you a comrade, but you’re not an enemy either. But, very well then, my comrade, we shall fight the ogres.” Nouqnosliw stated. Izan smiled and moved on, unlocking the door.

“If we are comrades, will you mind telling me one thing?” Nouqnosliw asked.

“If I can answer it, then I will.” Izan said.

“Is Firo, and all you goblins…waiting to do something? He keeps on saying that we must hurry, and time is running out. I don’t understand what his big rush is.” Nouqnosliw questioned. Izan looked at him, then after a pause, replied:

“Lord Firo likes to be efficient and does not like to waste time. However, the reason behind this case, I believe it’s best for you to find out after.”

“After…so that means, you do know the answer though.” Nouqnosliw said.

“Yes, I do. But, it will not do you any good to know now.” Izan stated.

“Very well, after we clear out of here, then I shall ask again. And here we are.” Nouqnosliw pointed to the large locked door. Izan gave one quick look to Nouqnosliw, who nodded, and unlocked the large door. There, past the door, were 5 ogre warriors, waiting for them.

“Hahahaha! It’s about time you two came. Think you two can take all our minions and leave unharmed? Prepare to die!” The largest ogre warrior yelled, and the others started charging at them. However, Nouqnosliw had already prepared his thunder and waited till they got close enough.

“If they pass my thunder, I’m counting on you to stop them Izan.” Nouqnosliw said. Izan nodded, and got ready to step ahead of him in case they got close.


The dumb ogres, all got hit by the thunderbolt. All of them stood there stunned, until the 4 other thunderbolts struck them, each of them letting out a horrible scream before they fell silent. The ogre warriors of Barri dungeon, has been defeated.

“Is…that it?” Izan asked, walking deeper into the room.

“It seems so.” Nouqnosliw followed Izan, checking the bodies in the room to make sure they were dead.

“Let’s leave. Dead bodies leave a foul smell.” Izan said and threw his hood back on for his disguise. Nouqnosliw looked once more at the room and then touched the goddess statue that led them out. Back at the entrance, Izan and Nouqnosliw both saw that the blockage had still not been removed. Firo had done a good job to keep them out.

“Master Izan. All eff us hath been rescued. Ze can leaves zee dungeon.” A goblin said, who rushed out to the tunnel. Nouqnosliw and Izan followed, hoping that the whole mission was a success. At the exit of the tunnel, Firo was already waiting.

“Nouqnosliw, Izan! I am glad to see you two are alright. It seems that we have saved them all. My gratitude towards you cannot be expressed in words, Nouqnosliw.” Firo thanked, bending down so Nouqnosliw could hear him a little better.

“However, times for happiness shall be celebrated another time. We must find a new place to rest for now, and you must move on.” Firo continued, his face grimacing.

“What do you mean?” Nouqnosliw asked.

“Nouqnosliw. Your friends are in danger. The reason, why I asked you to hurry is because the Fomor army is on the move. They are seeking to take over all of Uladh and maybe in Iria, in the future. Peace, I do want that, but the main reason why I needed your help was because we do not want to follow them as their underlings. Right now, we goblins must escape and plan out our next move, while you should go help your friends. They are meeting in Emain, go there now.” Firo finished and stood up, looking at his massive goblin army.

“Do not worry of us Nouqnosliw. We are going to hide in the Sen Mag plains for now. We shall be fine. Just remember, not all dungeons have agreed to side with Fomors. You may be able to receive more help there. Now go!” Izan rushed, and he, with Firo and all the other goblins, started moving to the Sen Mag plains through the mountainous area. Nouqnosliw stood there dumbstruck. It seemed so much has happened and he had no idea what is going on anymore.

“Well, I guess Emain is the best place to go then.” Nouqnosliw said to himself and started heading down the moonlit trail of Gairech, hoping that everyone is still safe.

Chapter 12 – End

There you have it! Chapter 12 done and through! Review pleaseee~


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:16 am

ANNNNDDD ITS A NEW CHAPTER! Unbelievable right? Well, I dont know who still lingers here...but hope you enjoy it! I'll try to get more updates, but i say that every time and dont, so dont count on it. Anyways...READ AND REVIEW! Love to hear from everyone and their ideas!

Chapter 13 – Start

Abba looked at the bread, fruit, and cheese he was given for the lunch meal. Once again, like many others, he would have to eat this. The bread and fruit was fine, but the cheese. The stinky, smelly, nasty, cheese.

“Am I going to have to eat cheese for the rest of my life like this?” Abba spoke aloud to himself. He sighed, took a bite of the cheese, and spit it back out. Cheese, was just not something that pleased him. He looked around, and saw Littlemouse, delighted with her food.

“Yayy! More cheese again!” Littlemouse piped up and ate happily away. Despite the hunting trips that they make for more fresh food, each person doesn’t even get a lot of it due to the large number of people needing to be fed. Abba just hoped they would reach Emain soon. He needed something else to eat.

“Cheer up Abba. We’re going to be at Emain shortly. Just finish your lunch and we’ll be on our way.” Yazmine came up and reassured. Abba took the advice and forced the food down his mouth and into his stomach.

“How far away from Emain are we?” Abba asked.

“Well, judging by our pace right now, at earliest we would make it there is midnight. I don’t want to stay another night out here when were so close too, so we’ll all have some shelter to sleep under tonight, assuming all goes well.” Yazmine explained. Abba just nodded his head and packed his things up again as it was time for them to hit the road once again and escape from the Fomors. The thought of the Fomors already succeeding to take over Uladh was dreadful. News about Tara, Taillteann, and Tir Chonaill had already reached everyone in camp. He hoped not, but soon, there was probably going to be no place left to hide.

“AHHH!” A lady screamed out in the crowd.

“Bandits!” Antoniozx yelled out, and many bandits jumped out of their hiding spot, behind trees, rocks and bushes.

“Protect the citizens and supplies!” Yazmine ordered and the Ewecaclowns and soldiers formed a circle around the campsite.

“Capture the women and take the goods! Kill any that stand in your way!” An ogre with a large hammer yelled as the large bandit group moved in on the Ewecaclowns, eyeing at all the prizes they could get from this battle.

Nouqnosliw trudged through the Hills of Gairech quietly, thinking on what the goblins had told him before they separated. Not all dungeons have agreed to the Fomors plans. If so, then who has and hasn’t? Who are the ones that will cause havoc and who are the ones who will sit quietly?

“Oof! What the hell is this?!?” Nouqnosliw grunted as he hit something, obstructing his path.

“Man…what is this…its huge…and pale, and looks like a….oh shit.” Nouqnosliw swore as he saw the head of the creature move towards him. An ogre.

“Puny human, you bother sleep from me?” It mumbled, though it was louder than any regular human voice.

“Die human.” The ogre raised its hammer high above its head, ready to smash Nouqnosliw.

“Hyaahh…AHHHHH!” After a deafening war cry, it dropped to its side, motionless.

“The hell was that…?” Nouqnosliw said to himself.

“Heyos Nouq!” Said a man with shiny black hair, dark purple eyes, and wearing a magnificent flashing black and purple hebona robe.

“LUCK! It’s been a long time! Where have you been?” Nouqnosliw exclaimed.

“Well, I’ve been up and about. I’m a busy man Nouq! Can’t always stay at one spot. But currently, I am heading to Emain, what about you?” Luckdragon asked.

“Oh lets go together then! I’m heading there too. Have you heard from the guild lately?” Nouqnosliw asked, having been too busy with the goblins to know of anything.

“What? I thought you were going to Emain because you heard from the guild. Khayy sent a letter to all guild members to meet up at Emain and prepare for Fomor attacks.” Luckdragon explained.

“So that’s how Firo knew they were going to be at Emain…” Nouqnosliw thought, and replied: “ Sorry, I’ve been under the radar for a while. What else does the letter say?”

“Not too much…Fomors have broken out from Tara, Taillteann, and Tir and that in order to stop them, we gotta all gather up somewhere to fight.” Luckdragon said, putting the letter away back in his pocket. “Come on Nouq, after we cross these plains, we’ll be at Emain. I don’t want to keep them waiting.”

“Alright, then let’s go.” Nouqnosliw agreed, and started walking into the Sen Mag Plains, home of the grizzly bears.

Chapter 13 – End

So yeah, this chapter sucks...but whatever. I kinda needed it to get going again. Hope you all still enjoy it! Reviews are welcomed~


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:55 am

Yo yo Nouq here! Got another chapter of the one and only guild story! Looking back, its been a dang long time. Summer of 2011 till now. Loongggggg time. So thanks for the few people who still like to read more! Nice to hear! Soooooooooo waste your time no more. Here we go!

Chapter 14 – Start

“ALL OF IT! ALL OF IT SHALL BE MINE!” The large ogre yelled and with that, the bandits started attacking, looting, and killing for the items.

“Round up! Form a circle and protect the citizens and items!” Khayy yelled. Despite the yell, soldiers were still scattered all over the camp as no one was expecting a battle at this time. Bandits grabbed what they could; items, gold, weapons and women, and fought against the men. Khayy took it upon himself and headed straight for the leader, knowing very well if the leader goes down, the bandit’s morale will decline and the victory would be theirs. Taking out his knuckles, he started to battle the ogre leader. Not far from Khayy, Yazmine and Littlemouse had other ideas. Instead of fighting one on one, they decided to finish off many at once. With combining thunder-fireball-ice spear combos, the beautiful but deadly pair struck fear into many bandits, however, the bandits continued to press on, determined to get what they came for. Clowny and Abba were defeating their enemies easily, mainly due to Clowny’s newly acquired Demonic Sword, the bandits could not match up to his strength. However, the bandits still had numerical advantage and outnumbered the group 5 to 1 and all of them continued to fight. All but two bandits, standing at the far edges of the battle.

“Man, I didn’t take this job up thinking to kill helpless people and rape women. Are these guys crazy?” The Giant bandit exclaimed.

“Neither did I. What should we do now? Think we should fight?” The human male asked back, shifting his cylinder to position.

“Yeah, lets fight. But not for bandits, for the other group.”

“You crazy?! We’ll be viewed as traitors from these guys if we do and they’ll try to kill us later!”

“True. But if I live today by helping the bandits, I won’t want to live on with this much guilt in me. Besides, I think I’ve seen that Giant before, in the purple and black nakuru robe. He helps Krug a lot! And there’s no way I can fight against someone who helps Krug so much. Come on, you with me Pepsi?”

“Well, you got a point. Might as well fight with some pride! Lets go Window!” Drpepsi shouted,
loading his cylinder with fire crystals and heading to fight, while Windowman took out his Demonic weapon, the Oculus Lance. Instantly, the two started finishing off many bandits, as they did not expect to see two of their own members betray them.

“FEAR ME!” Window yelled wildly as he continued to lay a rampage on the fearful bandits, swinging his lance in every direction.

“Window! Watch where you swing that thing! I told you, you should’ve started out with alchemy; I wouldn’t need to dodge you all the time!” Drpepsi yelled, almost paying more attention to where Window has his lance than the enemies that are attacking.

“Who are they…?” Yazmine asked.

“Doesn’t matter. We both have the same enemy right now. That’s the point.” Liam said bluntly, joining in on the battle. By this time, the odds were changing. Bandits were starting to run away frantically, the soldiers were fully in position, and the ogre leader was getting weaker by every hit Khayy made.

“RETREAT! RETREAT!” The ogre leader yelled and within a flash, the bandits scurried away into the forest as the soldiers started to chase after them.

“Don’t chase! We have more important matters to take care of here, there are injured all over, and we need to see if we lost anything.” Khayy ordered, putting away his knuckles and mending the injured. With that, soldiers helped the injured while Khayy, Clowny, Yazmine, Apolloo, and Abba discussed what to do next.

“Khayy, I know you said don’t chase, but if we don’t go eliminate the bandits now at their hideout, they’ll come back for us later. And if they hit us at the same time the Fomors do, we’re gonna be finished off. Let me, along with a few others go wipe them out and eliminate this threat for good.” Apolloo offered.

“You’re right. Being hit by both groups will hurt…go find them and take them out. May it be a quick journey for you.” Khayy agreed and nodded. Apolloo got up and after gathering a few soldiers, one of them being Antoniozx, followed the tracks that the bandits left.

“What about those two bandits that helped us out? What should we do with them?” Yazmine pointed out. Drpepsi and Windowman just stood at the edge of camp once the battling was over, as they were unsure if they should help or not.

“Why not ask them to join the guild? I mean, we can use strong people like them.” Clowny suggested.

“But weren’t they bandits?” Abba pointed out.

“Yeah, but I think they’re good. Just let me handle this.” Clowny got up and stopped where the 2 ex-bandits were.

“Hey, you two are pretty good. How about joining us and helping us out? We can use people like you.” Clowny offered bluntly. Drpepsi and Windowman just looked at each other until Drpepsi answered:

“We got nowhere else to go. We’ll gladly join your team. I’m DrPepsi, or just Pepsi.” Pepsi replied.

“And my names-” Window started.

“Windowman. I saw what you did back in Vales with the Ice witch problem. You’re very capable warrior. Glad to have you both here.” Clowny finished, turning back and giving Khayy a grin, letting him know the situation is taken care of.

“Well, now that’s done. I guess our only option is to keep moving.” Yazmine said.

“Yeah, we should get to Emain tonight. I don’t think the people want to stay out another night.” Khayy agreed. With that, the Clowns finished their meeting and went back to attending wounds for others, preparing to leave once everything is packed and ready.

“HEREEE I AMMMM!” A man wearing a black and white hebona stood at the edge of the campsite, attracting the attention of all members present.

Chapter 14 - End

There it is. A chapter to get some people in and take some people out. Reviews are always welcome and I really wish you do so. In the other thread if possible, but really no one seems to follow that rule anyways. Just hearing your word is all I care about anyways.


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

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Here it is. Another chapter, enjoy it while you can.

Chapter 15 – Start

Nouqnosliw and Luckdragon moved along the path in Sen Mag. Even with the beautiful trees and clean air, Sen Mag still remained as one of the emptiest areas in Uladh for three reasons. One, the place was filled with grizzly bears. Anyone who lingered too long in Sen Mag was most likely to become dinner for the bears. Two, it was the battlefield of the last Fomor war and many memories of the harsh battle remained. Too much blood was spilled on the grounds and people wished to keep those memories as far as possible. Three, it was the home of Peaca dungeon, home of the strongest creatures in Uladh.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been in this area Nouq.” Luck brought up.

“Yeah, it’s almost feels awkward walking here.” Nouq said. Their path had been relatively quiet, with little to no bears on the path at all.

“I remember the last time we came here…Peaca monsters were causing all sorts of trouble and we came here as one big group to stop them. They never seem to rest do they?”

“Peaca will never rest with the fury in their hearts.”

“Hearts, THOSE monsters have hearts?” Luck asked in disbelief.

“Yes. They, like us, have hearts. Do you know how Peaca dungeon came to be?” Nouq asked.

“Wasn’t it just summoned like the other dungeons were?”

“The other dungeons were summoned long ago by magicians who wanted to hide their great treasures. That’s why only the experienced adventurers could reap the rewards. The reason why the rewards aren’t so good now is because they’ve been taken too many times, and gradually lost their value. However, Peaca dungeon is different. Peaca dungeon was made by the lost souls from the previous wars, specifically the last Fomor war. The souls had so much hatred, bloodlust, and desire to wipe out their opponent, that they manifested together and became the monsters of Peaca. Each monster, is a soul from the past. And each time we defeat one, they come back with more fury.” Nouq explained.

“What? With more fury? Then Peaca will always stand?” Luck continued with more questions. They had just past the crossroads in Sen Mag and were well on their way to Emain.

“No. There is one way to send them to the afterlife.” Nouq replied.

“What’s that?”

“To erase their fury and hatred. If you do that, their hearts will have peace and can let go of what’s in this life. They can move on...however, that method is risky. Few have succeeded in that. Also, most people don’t like to use that method, since if the monsters go, the dungeon will collapse and the rewards are no more. People rather fight for their rewards then let it all go.” Nouq explained.

“Wow. I didn’t know Peaca had such a history. How’d you find this out?” Luck asked.

“One, by spending time reading and not working on my skills. Two, by actually visiting Peaca myself a few times. They may not talk that much, but every once in a while, you hear their hatred and their pain. Hey…what’s going on up there?” Nouq pointed up ahead. A large white bear stood in the middle of the path, dwarfing the black, brown, and red grizzlies around it. The bears turned their attention to Nouq and Luck as they approached.

“Humans. Return at once. No one is to enter our land. Return at once.” A voice echoed.

“Is that…telepathy?” Luck asked Nouq quietly.

“Yeah… Great Bear! We do not wish any harm or to disturb you, but we need to get to Emain. If you can kindly grant us passage, we will quickly leave and not return.” Nouq asked, looking at the White Bear, assuming it was the leader.

“SILENCE! You humans are full of lies. That’s what many of your kind has said time and time before, but each time you guys come back and spill blood on our lands. We stuck with our promise to stay in these areas, but its HUMANS that have broken their side of the promise.” The White Bear roared, followed by the other bears.

“If we can’t get through, then we won’t be able to meet up with our guild. And soon, they might be pushed back by the Fomor army too. And then, once again, your lands will be invaded! At that time, it’ll be too late to stop the Fomors! Your kind will suffer just as many losses as it did before!” Nouq exclaimed.

“That’s right! If you sit there and be stubborn, you’re gonna get run over by the Fomor army later! That’s even worse than us two just passing along!” Luck added. The bears shifted slightly, unsure of what to do. The White Bear stared at Nouq and Luck for a while, until a black bear approached it and apparently spoke to the other bear. The White Bear stood still, only looking between the Nouq and Luck, and the other bear. After the discussion, the White Bear roared loudly and spoke:

“You have my grants. Avoid this route in the future. I would not like to have a conflict.” The White Bear said, and the black bear motioned for them to follow. Nouq and Luck just nodded at each other and moved cautiously past the bears. The bears just stared at them quietly, ready to pounce if either made any funny move.

“You think this is safe?” Luck whispered.

“Of course not. But what choice do we have? At least were moving forward.” Nouq whispered back. To their surprise, nothing happened as the black bear continued to guide them past the bear group and to the Emain bridge. Nouq and Luck followed quietly along. The walk was rather uneventful, but relaxing. No one spoke another word until they got to the Emain bridge, where Nouq turned to the bear and said:

“My friend, thank you for speaking to your leader and guiding us here. You may go back now.” Nouq motioned back and the bear let out a little grunt. Turning around, Nouq and Luck headed onto the bridge. The bear stared for a little longer at the two and then turned back. But this time, the bear’s objective wasn’t to return to the White Bear, but to Tir Chonaill.

Chapter 15 – End
There it is. Not much, just a little background story.


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

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YOOOO. Its Nouq here! And here we have another chapter coming up! This one is a little different, but just read it and find out!

Chapter 16 – Start
Part 1

Nouq and Luck continued down the bridge into Emain. Despite all the events that occurred along the way, they were finally getting into Emain, a safe and strong city. The two could only hope that the rest of the guild made it safely too. With everything that has happened, the peaceful river and lovely music that rung from afar was a pleasant and soothing feeling for Nouq. They continued walking into the city until Luck broke the silence:

“Hey Nouq, I need check Coill and Rundal dungeon while we’re here. Khayy notified me in the letter to do so. I’m not exactly sure why, but if anything suspicious occurred there, he wants to know.” Luck said, showing Nouq the letter. Remembering what happened with the goblins; Nouq assumed Khayy was just trying to find out whether Coill and Rundal were affected in any way.

“Alright then. I’ll come with you.” Nouq replied, but Luck shook his head.

“You should stay here and wait for the others. They’ll probably be ecstatic to see you again too. This kind of job is a one-man thing. I got it covered.” And with that, Luck turned around and headed to Rundal leaving Nouq in the Emain town square. Nouq looked around. Judging by how quiet and calm the town is, the Ewecaclowns shouldn’t have gotten here yet. With no one here yet, Nouq thought about what to do. It was nearing nighttime; he could head to Rua’s pub and have a drink there. He’s heard many rumours about Rua’s pub, and Rua herself. Many call her “the Goddess reincarnated” to compliment her beauty, but he’s never seen her before. Or, he could go to the Emain restaurant and get some dinner. Emain was famous for its fish dishes. It would also allow him to hear about more with whats going on lately with the war. He could also go pay his respect to the lord of Emain Castle since a large number of people his guild is coming, but due to political disputes over the throne, he wasn’t sure if there if there even was a lord on the throne at the moment. The options were plentiful, but Nouq remained uncertain.

There is another thread where you can vote. Please vote there

End Chapter 16, part 1.


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

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