The Story!!!!!!

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The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:42 pm

K so…this is the OFFICIAL story of the Ewecaclowns, written by the Senior Member, Nouqnosliw. Now…before you read the story, I would like to say a few things. First, I decided to change it from 1st person view to omniscient view. This way, I can write more about other people in different chapters. It’ll provide variety. Second, the storylines and generations have not really occurred. I mean, we still have Fomors and all that, but no deaths of ppl/bosses and stuff, like Crumena, or…idk. This way, I can use them in my story, providing more life in it. Third, I am gonna make up guilds here. I know some real guilds in the game, but I don’t have the permission to use their name, so I won’t. I will make up guilds and their guild members. Fourth, if you have questions or concerns about the story or your character, please speak with me and I will try my best to solve it. Fifth, if you read the story…comment!!! Whether it sucks or its awesome. Comment and let me know if you want me to continue or stop. I’ll do as the readers wish. LASTLY, ENJOY! Very Happy

The heat, the pain, the cries of help. All those things were running through Nouqnosliw’s head. He and his guild, the Ewecaclowns, have been fighting for hours now against the Fomors in the shadow realm. The guilds strength however, was decreasing and more and more people were getting injured. A loss was inevitable.

“Come guildies! We’re not Clowns for nothing! Let’s show em what we got!” Khayy yelled as he burned more enemies in a crimson flame. He too, knew that the loss was coming. However, he also knew that he could not stop fighting, for his friends are in danger and he could not leave them.

“That’s right! If we don’t stop them here, we may never be able to stop them again!” Yazmine added, decapitating another Fomor.

“However…our numbers are decreasing.” Nouqnosliw muttered to himself as he shot another icebolt at the dying archer. Around him, only Khayy and Yazmine seemed capable of fighting, and they were being pushed back. Abba (Abbachoochee) was rendered incapable of battle and is now trying to help the other injured. Flame, on the other hand, had left to go get reinforcements. Everyone else had fallen or is too injured to fight.

“ARGH!” Khayy and Yazmine both grunted as each got hit. Khayy looked like he was still ready for more, but Yazmine had used too much of her energy and looked too tired and weak to fight.

“Yaz! You alright?” Nouqnosliw called out.

“Eh…yea, I’ll last…LOOK OUT NOUQ!” Yazmine cried out. Nouqnosliw turned his head only to see a huge hammer swinging right at him that sent him flying back to the stone wall.

“Hahaha! Fools! You think you can overcome the might of Fomors? This shall end here!” The Fomor Commander raised his hammer high, ready for the final smash. This would be the end.


“Ha…Ha…Ha…It was only a dream.” Nouqnosliw panted as he tried to regain his thoughts and senses. He lay back down and looked up at his tent. Fighting has been reduced against the Fomors due to the continuous pressure by the Royal Kingdom. Most of the Ewecaclowns guild has just started doing their own thing again, running dungeons, helping people, and selling rare items. Nouqnosliw wanted a break from everything and had decided to stay at his homestead. However, it was during these relaxing times for him, that he started to feel awfully uneasy.

“Maybe I just need some fresh air again.” Nouqnosliw said to himself, and made his way to his own miniature Ladeca. While his homestead didn’t nearly have all the appliances and work things like Khayys, it was enough for him to relax and enjoy.

“Nouq! There you are!” A girl with a flamerider set was standing at the entrance of Nouqnosliw’s homestead.

“Yaz, what’s up?” Nouqnosliw answered, climbing down from the Ladeca.

“Killer wants some help for Rabbie. Apparently goblins have been gathering up and are trying to break out of the dungeon. The Kingdom requested help from RA help from Khayy and some others, but they're busy, so Khayy wants us to do it instead. Abba is also coming along.” Yazmine explained.

“Alright. I’ll meet you at Rabbie then.”

“K. See you there.” Yazmine answered and left. Nouqnosliw went back inside the tent to grab his Kirinjusin armor and his trusty cat paw bell club and kite shield. He left the Dragon Blade and Tailteann Two Handed Sword since Rabbie is an easy dungeon.

“Well, I think that’s it. Off to Rabbie.” Nouqnosliw said to himself and exited the homestead, ready to fight off the goblins.
Chapter 1 - End
So how was it?? Its my first ever story to a large I hope its enjoyable. Review may be done so on this thread, or the other, your preferance.
Edit: Please post your comments and reviews about the story in the "Thoughts, opinions, and reviews of the story" thread. This way readers can continually read the story with no interruption.

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Yazmine on Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:13 pm

lol the first part makes me sound so cool i can totally picture it
yea keep writing more i want to read more !!!

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:59 pm

Lol im glad you like. I'll start chapter 2 tonight probably Very Happy


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Littlemouse on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:02 pm

It's an adorable story so far! Can't believe this hasnt been done yet~ Keep it up Nou Very Happy

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:04 pm

Thanks! And....feel free to criticize and give pointers so I can improve and make my upcoming chapters better!


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Mani of Machine on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:09 pm

Woo, I don't show up at all.

I like it that way. Also, use my main character for the story.

If you want to use my alt, make them twins. owo

Because they both look alike.
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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:11 pm

So your main character is Flameshot? And Flame is an alt? Okay. They'll be twins then Very Happy. How popular should Flameshot be? the same as Flame?


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Mani of Machine on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:31 pm

Actually, Flame is my main, Flameshot is my alt. But ironically, Flameshot is stronger.

And they both should be infamous.
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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by abbachoochee on Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:29 pm

buttheir (they're) busy.

Only mistake. Its great! Keep up the good work.
One thing you could do in the later chapters is describe the characters. Looks, personalities, what type of fighter, etc.
it r win rendeer

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:39 pm

Thanks Abba! I'll fix it up! I wasn't sure whether I should describe it or not since you all might have seen each other and know what each other are like. Im trying to get it to reflect your personality, in the best way possible. So thats why I really didn't do that. I could explain it, as long as you guys can send me some pictures of your character in what it usually wears, if that is whats wanted.
Also...i was wondering if we should have a separate thread for reviews and comments, and just this thread for the story? Should we do that for reader convenience, or do you wanna find the chapter each time? You can read reviews more that way lol.
Thanks for the feedback!


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Mani of Machine on Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:16 pm

Separate thread on the reviews.

Go go!

I don't like to play hide and seek with stories.
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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:15 pm

Yo everyone! Chapter 2 is up!!! Very Happy Now since Mabi is down right now...come read this story instead! Comments are appreciated and please put it in the Thoughts, Opinions, and Reviews of the Story thread. Also...I made this chapter significantly longer than my first, because I feel the first one was too short for a chapter, and I shouldn't have that short of chapters later on. Sooo...enjoy!

Chapter 2 – Start

“Hya!” Nouqnosliw commanded his white and red thoroughbred, Lesl. They raced down the path to Dunbarton and through its streets, heading north to Rabbie. They had run similar missions like this before, like pushing back the hellhounds in Math and pushing pack the ogre warriors in Barri. The hellhounds were waiting for adventurers at the entrance of the dungeon, surprising them with quick attacks and forcing them out, even killing a few people. This tragic event ended with Yazmine, Gimer, and Xisler killing off the hellhounds, restoring peace in Math. In Barri, the ogre warriors had moved from their original position and were blocking the paths for miners, meaning people couldn’t get ores. This had the Bangor economy in cripples, until Khayy, Littlemouse, and the twins Flame and Flameshot, drove them back to the deepest end of the dungeon, allowing miners to grab their ores again. This mission was no different for the Clowns, as Nouqnosliw rode past the guild stone and between the large hills outside of Dunbarton. The Rabbie entrance always looked a little more crippled to other dungeons, but Nouqnosliw paid no attention to it, and entered Rabbie.

“Nouq! Little slow this time eh?” Killerzero joked as Nouqnosliw walked in, but Nouqnosliw couldn’t tell.

“Sorry, couldn’t find my hat. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.” Nouqnosliw sincerely apologized and returned his pet. Killerzero just laughed.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” Nouqnosliw worried. Even though Nouqnosliw was an experienced and veteran fighter, he still worried about almost everything, and comes up with the worst possible outcomes that could but never happen. Because of this worrying however, he became quite the tactician for the Ewecaclowns, protecting himself and his guild mates from all possible harm.

“Nouq man…I was joking. No need to be sorry. Anyways, we all set to go?” Killerzero asked, since Yazmine and Abba were already here and waiting. They both just nodded and stepped on the altar. Nouqnosliw followed them.

“Alright…lets finish this up quickly!” Killerzero said proudly, and entered everyone into the dungeon. Yazmine, Killerzero, and Abba all went onto the next room, but Nouqnosliw stayed behind and stared at the goddess statue.

“My goddess, please bless us on this mission and keep my comrades safe.” Nouqnosliw prayed, and followed his friends into the dungeon.

“Vroooom.” A brown, medium length haired girl spoke happily as she exited Dunbarton while eating a slice of cheese. She wore a beautiful Luxurious Crystal Dress patterned with white and blue. While she was very cute and attractive, many people feared she would use her own cat paw bell club to hit people with, so many have decided to just keep her on a good and happy mood. No one had ever seen her angry. That was a good thing. They didn’t want hell to break loose on them.

“Khayy said that Nouq went this way...why did he go here again?” The girl asked herself, trying to recollect her thoughts.


“Mouse! I sent Nouq, Yaz, Killer, and Abba to Rabbie to send back the goblins. While I’m pretty sure they can handle it, I just don’t want anyone to be suffering major injuries so I want you to back them up. Can you do that?” Khayy asked.

“Yup! I can do that!” the girl replied and left Khayy.

-End Flashback-

“Oh yeah, I have to go to Rabbie to help Nouq and them! Then I can lick them too!” She piped happily and finished her cheese, heading off northwest to Rabbie.

“There you go Abba.” Nouqnosliw said as he finished mending and healing Abba.

“Wow, were the skeletons here that strong before?” Abba asked, picking up his robe that he took off due to all its cuts and stains everywhere.

“No they weren’t. It’s like they got some extra boost in them or something.” Yazmine agreed and wiped off the blood on her lava cat robe. Yazmine had a wide variety of clothes. For casual times, she would wear her coy quilt wear or her flamerider set. Her battling, she wore her Valencia Cross Line Plate armor with her lava on top. For formal purposes, she had a variety of dresses to choose from. While her favourite is the flamerider set, with her tanned skin and smooth hair, anything she wore would attract people.

“Well we better take extra caution. It seems these goblins have heard of our stories and prepared for us this time. No one should go on their own. We’re sticking together now.” Nouqnosliw advised, and everyone agreed so. They continued through the many rooms and corridors of the dungeon, defeating waves of monsters. However, on the third floor, they found their selves surrounded, with metal skeletons all around them.

“Ugh…sorry guys, I should’ve known they would corner us here.” Nouqnosliw grumbled, knowing he should’ve led his friends a different path.

“No worry, we’re in this together. Let’s worry about killing them first.” Killerzero replied and swung his sword on the incoming enemy. However, these skeletons were nowhere near dying. With one loud screech, the skeleton bounced back from the slash and surprisingly, charged at Nouqnosliw. Killerzero, surprised and shocked, was unable to retaliate in time and protect Nouqnosliw.

“Nouq!” Killer yelled, hoping Nouqnosliw would react in time. Unfortunately, Nouqnosliw only had enough time to turn his head to see the skeleton ready to slash him.

Pack! Pack! Pack! Pack! Pack!
5 icebolt shots hit and killed the skeleton that was going to attack Nouqnosliw. Everyone turned to see a girl standing at the door of the dungeon room. It was Littlemouse.

“Nouuu, I saved you again.” Littlemouse grinned.

“Oh shush…Lets just finish the rest of these guys off.” Nouqnosliw said. With another Clown in the group, everyone’s spirit was revitalized and they finished off the battle with little difficulty. They finished off the remaining rats and skeletons that were left on the floor, but they couldn’t find the key to open the boss room. They searched the whole floor, but the boss key had yet to be found.

“Maybe there is no boss?” Abba suggested, since there seemed to be no other monsters.

“No. That can’t be right. We came here to fight goblins, yet we haven’t found one yet. We have to keep on looking till we find them.” Yazmine stated.

“Could they have left already?” Littlemouse asked.

“They’re still here. Let’s just find them.” Killerzero said, and with that everyone agreed to just continue looking. The Clowns, after another 10 minutes of searching, came to the conclusion that there was a puzzle that needed to be solved in order to get into the boss room. They all gathered up in the last room they fought in and searched for clues.

“Hey guys…don’t this look like a map to you?” Nouqnosliw questioned, as he pointed on the wall in front of him. The others came around and observed too.

“Yeah, it looks like the dungeon map. See, we came in here, and then went here…” Abba ran his finger down to each place as he continued naming off where they went. He went through the whole thing until he touched the last room, the one they were in.

“What’s happening??” Nouqnosliw worried. The wall on the other side shifted over and now left a clear pathway.

“Well, let’s see what’s in there.” Yazmine bravely said and the others followed her into the dark passageway.

Chapter 2 - End

Yeah! In case people were wondering about a few things. I described Yaz and Mousy more because girls are more picky and always saying stuff about their clothes, so describing them was easiest. If you send me a pic of your character, I can describe it more. Also...for those who dont know who Xisler and Gimer are...they are my alts. Elf is Xisler, giant is Gimer.
Well go review now!!!!

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:56 pm

Good stuff....keep up the good work Nouq!


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:37 pm

Well here it is, chapter 3. Honestly, I really dont like this chapter. I just wasn't that well written or something. I feel it lacked something. But please, still read it. I wanna know how it is. Also...side note to everyone, remember to post on the Thoughts, opinions and reviews thread, not on this one. (Khayy <.<) Lol, not that i'll get mad at you, its just to make things easy. Well...hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3 – Start

The group had walked for over half an hour now, yet they were still in dark passageway, with only a few lamps lit up on the walls. Yet with no desire of turning back after getting this far, the group continued on.

“Let’s play a game!” Littlemouse chirped up. With the darkness and the moody atmosphere that everyone was giving out, it was evident that Littlemouse wanted to raise everyone’s spirits.

“What kind of game?” Killerzero asked even though he wasn’t in the mood for one, he didn’t want to crush Littlemouse’s effort.

“Never have I ever! It’s a game where you tell people something you have never done and if they have done it before, they lose a point. Whoever loses 5 points loses the game! It’s a great way to bond!” Littlemouse explained cheerfully.

“No. We are NOT playing that game.” Nouqnosliw stated. While he really didn’t want to break her happy mood and all, he really doesn’t like these kinds of games. Nouqnosliw does not like for his information to be known so quickly. He is very proficient at lying, but only when the situation is dire, or he’s just trying to make fun of someone. However in these situations, Nouqnosliw feels guilty if he lies, so he rather not play these games.

“Aww Nou, you’re no fun.” Littlemouse pouted.

“Quiet.” Yazmine hushed, and everyone fell silent. Raspy, quiet voices were heard in the distance. Slowly and cautiously, the party moved up until they came across a large opened doorway. They split up to either side of the doorway and hid there. On the other side, a large group of goblins had gathered up and were facing away from them. It seemed they were talking to someone; however that person could not be seen in the darkness.

“My lord, it seems the group of adventurers are smarter than they look. As we speak, they inch closer and closer to us. What shall we do?” A screechy voiced goblin asked. There was no answer. Everything was silent.

“My lord?” The goblin asked again. This time, the party heard something moving. They assumed the ‘lord’ had moved or got up. However, this ‘lord’, did not sound like any small creature, due to its movements.

“Humans. Come out, and show yourselves.” Said a loud, yet raspy voice. The Clowns, knowing that they have been found out, stepped up and revealed themselves. They came to see that the room was full of goblins, with two large goblins, and one gigantic goblin. This goblin was as tall, if not taller, than a large sized golem. It also wore clothing and a pair of gloves, probably to signify it is the leader. Yazmine, being the leader for the group, spoke up first:

“You were the one that rallied up all the goblins at once?”

“And if I am?” The giant goblin spoke back.

“Then we will have to stop and kill you!” Yazmine shouted. At this moment, the Clowns and the goblins braced their weapons and got ready to fight.

“STOP!” The giant goblin hissed, and all the goblins took a step back. “We do not wish to engage in battle with you, all we want is that boy.” He stopped and pointed at Nouqnosliw.

“What do you want with me?” Nouqnosliw shouted.

“I wish to just speak about this alone.” The giant goblin responded.

“Then the negotiations are done! If you won’t tell us now what you want, we’ll just force it out of you!” Nouqnosliw yelled, and the party charged at the goblins. He was more than ready to finish off these goblins. Back when Nouqnosliw was still an inexperienced soldier, he fought more than enough goblins. He didn’t hate goblins, but he definitely did not like them.

“Hah!” Abba cried out, killing the goblin closest to him. However, there were multiple enemies closing in on him. He took a step back to try to gain some distance from the enemies and started to prepare a windmill attack. Unfortunately, the goblins moved faster than what he could react to, and they slashed at him multiple times. While he was finally able to launch a windmill attack on the goblins and kill them, he could feel the blood streaming down this skin. The pain was screaming throughout his whole body. He felt ready to drop any instant, even though the battle had just started. This had to end soon.

“Guys, I don’t think I can hold up much longer.” Abba panted, and it didn’t look like the others could either. Killerzero was trapped in a corner, like Abba, and was windmilling his enemies. However, he looked worn out. Yazmine and Littlemouse had been fighting with their backs to each other, and Yazmine was in paladin form. While she was able to stop the goblins for a short period of time, the superior advantage in numbers clearly affected both of them immensely. Nouqnosliw, on the other hand, was fighting the two large goblins. They did not have a huge advantage in size, but still enough to rattle Nouqnosliw and cause injuries that were going to last.

“Stop! Nouqnosliw, I ask you one more time. Do you wish to help me?” The giant goblin asked, stopping all the battle that was taking place. The other Clowns looked at him. In their hearts, they did not want Nouqnosliw to give himself up, but they knew if he didn’t, they might all die here.

“Only if you promise me one thing.” Nouqnosliw stated, looking up at the giant goblin.

“Go on.”

“That my friends may leave this place and you or your followers will not pursue them anymore.”

“Agreed. After this incident I, Firo, will not bother the Ewecaclowns. However, it will not be my fault if they interfere with my business.” The giant goblin said, and ordered all the goblins to retreat. The four Clowns looked at Nouqnosliw, Firo, and the remaining goblins. Before walking out, Killerzero said firmly:

“We’ll be back Nouq, and when we are, we’ll get ya out of here.”

Chapter 3 - End

Alright! Read and review in the Thoughts, opinions and reviews thread! Any questions feel free to ask away!


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:07 am

K everyone, sorry for the delay. Been busy. Also when school starts, expect longer waits for chapters...cuz thats just how it is. In this chapter....Khayy finally appears! (dun dun dun.....) No action for him yet...but soon! Also, once again...enjoy!
Chapter 4 – Start

“Ahem.” Khayy coughed to grab everyone’s attention. After Khayy was notified that Nouqnosliw was captured, he had called a guild meeting. Unfortunately for the Clowns, most people were busy, or they were unable to contact them. However the ones capable to come did make it, and all sat in the guild hall.

“I’m sure most of you know what has happened to Nouq. If not, well in short, Nouq has gotten captured. Nouq is not only a guildie to us, he is a great friend and we cannot leave him be in a time of need. Also, he is our main tactician and is a great fighter; we cannot afford to lose someone like him. We need a plan to save him. Going back into Rabbie is already out of the option, as Yaz, Killer, Mouse, and Abba tried to re-enter the dungeon after they left and could not get in. So, do we have any other suggestions?” Khayy finished, and took a seat waiting for someone to give advice.

“I know Ciar and Rabbie are far from each other, but since Ciar has a lot of goblins, maybe they are related to this incident. We can go to Ciar and search for clues there, if Rabbie can’t be entered.” Comhghan suggested.

“Hmm, that is a good place to start. Comhghan, how about you check Ciar then?” Khayy asked.

“Yeah I’ll go check it out.” Comhghan agreed.

“I’ll go with him.” Pyscojrb stood up. “You guys said that Rabbie was significantly harder than usual, so it’ll be good for me to go as well and help.”

“Ok thanks, that’ll be good then. I wish you two the best of luck then.” Khayy finished and the two left the hall.

“What about Barri then? They have goblins there too.” Abba asked.

“Ya, but I doubt the goblins will be able to do much there, especially since there are ogre warriors there watching them. Also, we would have known if something happened there due to the number of people that mine there, so I believe Barri is fine.” Yazmine explained. The guild remained silent, thinking of other ways to save Nouqnosliw. It was when everyone was quiet, that Flameshot came bursting in.

“Khayy! We got a big problem!” Flameshot came rushing in and started panting. It appeared that he had been running for quite some time to get here.

“What happened?!?” Khayy exclaimed.

“Fomors…they’ve gotten…out of the…shadow realm. They’ve…”

“Wait, get your breath first, and then speak.” Khayy interrupted. Flameshot stopped for a minute and breathed, and then continued:

“Fomors broke out of the shadow realm. They somehow were able to deceive the Royal Army and create a pathway from the realm to our world. After a few got through that passage, they went and opened the altar passage. Hundreds of Fomors are coming in, and all kinds of them. Ogres, werewolves, golems, pythons, ghosts, shadow creatures, succubus’s, all of them. It looks like an entire army. They captured the city already and almost everyone has taken refuge here inside the castle. They have put a siege on the castle. Khayy, we have to do something!”

“Who’s leading them?” Khayy asked, wanting to know what the enemy has before making any hasty movements.

“All the commanders we’ve seen. The black wizard, Mata, Tethra, among others. Who’s leading them though…I have no idea. But we have to go and help push them away for a bit, or else the castle won’t last long either.” Flameshot answered.

“Okay! Clowns, take up arms! We shall fight and get rid of the Fomors. Mouse, you take the injured into the back rooms. Get the healthy ones to help you and grab weapons from the armory and wait in the main hall. Apolloo, you go search around the castle and see if there is any way they can get in. If there is, block it off somehow. Killer, you go up on the outer castle walls and start shooting them with your arrows. We need to slow them down. Abba, you organize and secure an escape route for emergencies. Flame, search for more clues and see what you can find out. Everyone clear?” Khayy ordered as everyone got their equipment.

“Yes!” With that, everyone set to do as they were told. Only Yazmine remained.

“What about me Khayy?” Yazmine questioned.

“Yaz, you and I are going to lead the front charge of attack after they break down the gate sooner or later. The Royal Army will need some strong assistance. You’re the best person to ask.” Khayy responded and walked out, with his volcano cylinder and Avon shield equipped.

“Man…where is Clowny when you need him?” Yazmine just sighed, and followed Khayy out.

Outside the castle heat could be felt everywhere. Buildings were being burned and smoke was covering the sky. Cries from the people that were not able to escape echoed in the dusky air. Fomors climbed up ladders and breached the walls, only to be met by a sword at their neck, falling once again. On the ground, monsters roared with fury, ready to battle. They were at war.

“This will be one long night…”Khayy said, looking up at the darkening sky.

“Yes it will be…I hope everyone can execute their part well.” Yazmine stated, as she and Khayy moved towards the front of the main army, waiting inside the castle walls.

“I’m sure they will.” Khayy said confidently. Khayy would never lose faith in a guild member, no matter how strong or weak they are. He believes that if their mind is set on something, they will be able to achieve it, so he knows he can trust his members on their part.

“That’s right. They will, and we shouldn’t let them down either.” Yazmine said confidently. This is not only for her, but for her guildies too. Her guildies are like family to her, and she would help them at all costs. She closed her eyes for a minute and thought of all the faces of her guild members. One by one, she thought of the need to protect them. However, she opened her eyes again when she remembered a certain guild member.

“Khayy! What about Nouq? He’s still captured!” Yazmine exclaimed. He was the one that she had failed to protect.

“We’re not giving up on him. However, we have something bigger going on right now. The goblins wanted him alive, so he should be fine for now. Nouq’s a smart person too, he’ll know what to do to save himself. Also, we already sent Pysco and Comg to find him. We’ve done as much as we can for now Yaz. All we can do is pray, and focus on our task at hand.” Khayy explained, and looked at the battered gate. It was ready to fall.

“Yeah. Nouq will live. Let’s crush these guys.” Yazmine smiled, ready for the battle.


The huge door fell down. The gates stopping hell, had just opened.

Chapter 4 - End

Ok! So first chapter that I didn't appear LOL! But I think thats fine, im not that big of a deal haha. and review! On the other thread! Thoughts, opinion, and reviews of the story. Thanks!

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:56 pm

Holy! Finally done! This chapter was quite hard to write because of the war. But here it is. After long waiting...hopefully you enjoy it! Very Happy
Btw, chapters are gonna be slower now because of school. I'll work my best at it though.
Oh yeah. I got a complaint from...not mentioning any names...but this ONE mouse complained my chapters are too short. This one is read more!

Chapter 5 – Start

“Eee!” The rat squealed as it died from Comhghan’s slash.

“There’s nothing but a bunch of rats here. We haven’t come across a single goblin.” Psycojrb stated.

“Looks like our guess that Ciar may be related to the Rabbie incident is correct. Let’s continue on and see if we can find out anything.” Comhghan said, and they moved on.

The dungeon was especially quiet and clean. Usually in Ciar, the air would be filled with a horrible odour due to the goblin breaths and the ground often had a lot of goblin saliva. However, the air was clean and the ground was dry. There was little noise as only rats and mimics remained in the dungeon. It felt almost as if the life of the dungeon was sucked right out of it.

“Hey, let’s take a break here. I’m assuming we’ll be at boss soon, so we should prepare for whatever is up.” Psycojrb said and made a campfire with his campfire kit.

“Yeah, I agree. Here, have a few holy water and put it on your equipment.” Comhghan replied, handing 4 holy water of Lymilmark to Psycojrb. He immediately started pouring the holy water onto his equipment, and waited for it to fully take effect.

“We should summarize what we know. First, Yaz, Abba, Killer, and Nouq go into Rabbie. They find out that the monsters there are extra strong for some reason, like protecting something. Next, they needed to solve a puzzle to continue on the dungeon, instead of use a key. After, they ran into the army of goblins, with their leader named Firo. Firo took Nouq, and the rest of them left. After they left, no one could get back in Rabbie. Here in Ciar, there are no goblins. However, we have found nothing else out except for the disappearance of them.” Pyscojrb summarized.

“Right. However, we still have to investigate one more thing. The boss room. Such a mass number of monsters disappearing and the boss doesn’t do anything seems a bit odd. I think we’ll find some answers there. I’m rested up, you ready to go?” Comhghan asked, standing and picking up his equipment.

“Yeah let’s go. Nouq’s waiting for someone to help him. Can’t waste any more time.” Psycojrb grabbed his equipment and with determined spirits, set out to finish the rest of the last floor.

Tara – Outside the Royal Castle

In the crisp night air, Fomors cried with excitement. With the gate taken down, the Fomors pushed with great intensity at the Royal Army. The Royal Army, led by Khayy and Yazmine, saw their forces slowly depleting. Even with the might of Khayy and Yazmine helping them, the numeric advantage proved too much. Many soldiers had fallen in the battle. They had formed a semicircle to surround the Fomors and prevent them from getting farther, but the soldiers that remained were getting awfully tired.

“Sir Khayy!” A soldier came running to him. Khayy was still in the middle of battle, loading another fire crystal into his cylinder.

“What is it?” Khayy yelled. Frustration and annoyance was clearly shown in his voice.

“We need you to step aside. We have a temporary door to place. With that, it’ll hold them off for a bit.” The soldier explained.

“That’s great, but do you really think they’re going to move because we have a door now? Besides, it’s only going to hold them off for a bit. There’s almost no point in doing so.” Yazmine yelled, overhearing the conservation.

“Yaz, we have to get it here. We have to find a way to clear them out.” Khayy blatantly stated. Something was on his mind.

“Okay…but how? Unless Killer can shoot them off for us above…” Yazmine suggested, looking up at Killerzero, who was on the wall above them. However, like Khayy and Yazmine, he was busy fighting. They did a pretty good job on keeping the Fomors off, but there were ones still being able to pass through the defenses. Killerzero had his hands full trying to deal with them, sometimes shooting arrows, and sometimes taking out his sword to kill the ones that made it on top.

“No, he’s too busy himself. We’ll have to try to kill them fast enough so they can’t advance for a minute.” Khayy explained, and transformed himself to Infra Black, while Yazmine transformed into her Champion form.

“Let’s do this!” Yazmine yelled and started using her Final Hit skill. With Final Hit, she moved quickly while being able to kill each Fomor fast. Fomors fell quickly at her feet, as she continued to dodge enemy hits and slash right back at them. Khayy was alternating between all his weapons, using his swords when the enemy got close, shooting them with arrows if they’re far, and using his cylinder for mid-distance enemies and its powerful damage, showing everyone why he is a Royal Alchemist.

“Argh!” Yazmine grunted as she finally got hit, ending her Final Hit. Even with her powerful Final Hit and Khayys superior skills, the Fomors did not stop coming. They were relentless.

“This isn’t working…is there not a way to slow them down?” Khayy spoke, losing ideas to stop the Fomors.


“What was that?” Yazmine asked, turning her head to from where the direction the blast came from. In the distance, Flame, Flameshot’s brother, stood there with his wand out.

“Flame! Thank-” Yazmine started to say.

“I’m not doing this for you. They just woke me up from my nap. I needed to get back at them.” Flame bluntly said, and turned around going back into the castle.

“Put the door up now!” Khayy yelled at the soldiers, and they rushed to the open area, where all the Fomors had been cleared from the massive and devastating Fireball blast. The placed it between the walls, and stuck a long bar behind the door, making it harder to open. After it was placed firmly between the two walls and the bar was locked in, two mages came up and chanted some magic. After a quick incantation, they stepped aside.

“We placed a spell on it to prevent it from being burned. It may not stop them, but it’ll delay them.” One of the mages explained. Khayy just nodded and look up at the wall. From the lack of action, it seemed that the Fomors had stopped attacking for short moment. He was unsure when they would strike back, but that was not on his mind at the moment.

“Everyone! We must head back into the castle! All units, back into the castle!” Khayy called out. With his word, everyone started heading back to the castle. Killerzero came rushing down and came up to Khayy.

“Khayy! Why are we going back in? They stopped attacking! We could take advantage of this!” Killerzero exclaimed.

“I’ll explain when we get inside.” Khayy said, and started walking back in.

“But Khayy!” Killerzero protested.

“Just listen to Khayy. He’s had much battle experience than us; there must be something on his mind.” Yazmine explained and followed Khayy. Killerzero was left no choice, and followed them back in.

Inside, everyone was waiting. Apolloo had sealed off any possible entry, Abba had come back from looking for an escape route, and Littlemouse had helped the wounded and rounded up any uninjured people, all ready to fight. Everyone quieted down as Khayy stood, ready to speak.

“It seems that this Fomor attack is much stronger than I had expected. We may have held them out for this long, but it won’t last. We must escape from Tara now.” Khayy said sternly, but was also disappointed too.

“Is there no other way? I’ve lived here all my life, I don’t want to leave.” An old man in the crowd asked, not realizing how dangerous the situation actually was.

“There is no other way. We must leave. Abba, were you able to find ourselves an escape route?” Khayy turned to Abba.

“Yes. We can go to the underground waterways of Tara. It can only be entered in here and is still very difficult to get through, so after we escape, they will have a tough time trying to find us. I also ran into Gimer and Xisler, so they went up ahead to clear the path and make sure the exit doesn’t lead to a trap.” Abba explained, and starting walking to the main floor corridors. Everyone silently followed, with heads down and sad faces. Abba gestured all of them to go through a closet which took them all to a different room.

“Salek Istop.” Abba said, which opened a pathway leading underground. With that, a few soldiers went first, then the injured, to the women, children, and everyone else followed into the dark underground waterway of Tara.

Ciar Dungeon

“It’s the boss room. You ready Comh?” Psycojrb asked.

“Truthfully, I’m not. But let’s go in.” Comhghan said. Psycojrb took the boss key and turned the lock.


The door opened and Comhghan and Psycojrb walked in. Everything was pitch black and there were no noises whatsoever. They could not feel the essence of a living being anywhere. However, they were wrong.

“Welcome, humans.”
Chapter 5 – End

Woohoo! Dun dun dun! Are Comh and Psyco done for??? Will the army make it through the underground waterway? Who knows! quite glad there was the zombie event. It gave me an escape route lol. And...I didn't show up again!!! However, to your disappoint, I will be back next chapter lol! Until! On the thoughts, opinions, and reviews thread Very Happy.
P.S. I dont have a title...any suggestions?
And, any thoughts you want in the story, feel free to speak up!


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Niizuma on Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:48 pm

haha nouq i cant believe how u have the time to write this


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:04 am

Wow. This took me forever to write. My apologies on that. About this chapter....i dont like it that much. It was really hard to write, and it seems really boring. Hopefully next chapter will be better. Try to enjoy it lol. OH. Btw, niizuma, your not supposed to reply here, but on the Thoughts, opinions and Reviews of Story thread. Just letting ya know. Well, start now~

Chapter 6 – Start

The heavy, dirty air in the dungeon once again went up into Nouqnosliw’s breathing system as he woke up. With only a small window to look out of, and seeing a bright Eweca, he estimated that he had been here for about 14 hours, but those 14 hours felt like 14 days. After Yazmine, Killerzero, Abba, and Littlemouse had left; the goblins knocked him out and threw him in a dusty and dirty old cell. In the cell, there was nothing but a stack of hay to lie on. Another part of Rabbie that he did not know of. However, that was not his concern at the moment. Being here without food or drink for so long, he wanted to be fed and wanted to get out of the dungeon. At this moment, 5 goblins came to his cell, one of them stepping forward.

“Ours lord wishez ta speaked to vou, human.” The goblin said while the rest surrounded Nouqnosliw. He was given no choice, as he was pushed out of the cell and past many corridors. After a few minutes, they reached one large door. The goblin knocked.

“My lord, we bringz ta human to vou.”

“He may come in. The rest of you go back to your posts.” Firo, the goblin giant, ordered from inside the room. The massive door creaked open as Nouqnosliw walked into the room. When Nouqnosliw had walked in far enough, the doors shut on him. He looked up and there Firo was, sitting on a large chair, dressed in a ragged shirt and shorts. Seeing a goblin in clothes was still surprising to Nouqnosliw, especially with Firo’s size. Nouqnosliw took another look around and saw there was no one else. It was just him and Firo now.

“Ahh my human friend…” Firo started say.

“Who said I’m your friend?” Nouqnosliw shot back. It was evident that he was not pleased with the goblins.

“Ah yes, with being in that cell for so long, I understand why you’re angry. But let me explain Nouqnosliw, and you shall understand why I brought you here.” Firo said.

“Fine. I’ll listen.” Nouqnosliw realized he was in no position to argue, since he was stripped of his weapons and armor, having only his robe and that would leave him at a huge disadvantage against someone like Firo.

“You see, there has been a common misunderstanding of goblins for centuries now. That we goblins hate humans, want violence, and want to destroy everything. However, that is not true. We goblins only wanted peace. We didn’t want to be caught in dungeons, we didn’t want to pick up axes and shields, and we didn’t want to fight. We only wanted to have peace, but everyone kept on ruining it. Nouqnosliw, I ask that you help me achieve this peace.” Firo explained, looking straight down at Nouqnosliw with his large, black eyes.

“Uh…but how am I supposed to help you?” Nouqnosliw stuttered a little, partly in fear, partly in confusion.

“Nouqnosliw, you are renowned for your tactician skills. You have made many battles go from impossible, to possible, to winning it. You put the safety of all members to your concern and go to great efforts to make sure they are all safe and well. I also found out you are a calm and reasonable person. You won’t throw out your anger at me, being one of the reasons I chose you. Lastly, you are a skilled warrior on the battlefield with great intelligence. With your help, I believe I can achieve the goblins dream.” Firo stated firmly. He had shown he has great trust and support in Nouqnosliw.

“I’m not sure if I am all that you said, but I don’t have much of a choice anyways, so I’ll help to the best of my ability. However, what’s stopping you from achieving your goal?” Nouqnosliw asked.

“Not all goblins are with me yet. The goblins in Barri are still captured and they also wish to be free. I would rescue them myself and fight the ogre warriors, but I am not even sure if I could win. Also, if I got close to Barri, I would cause quite the disturbance in Bangor due to my size and also that I am a goblin. I need a different way. I need your help, whether is to devise a plan to get me in, or do it yourself and free them. I need you help in order for me to achieve my goal.” Firo explained, looking down at Nouqnosliw.

“Okay. I’ll think of something, give me a little bit of time. I need to come up with something.” Nouqnosliw requested.

“I shall give you that time. My goblins will lead you to a better room for you to think.” Firo said and Nouqnosliw was led outside of the room. Once again going through many unknown pathways, Nouqnosliw was led to a much cleaner, brighter, and better environment. Nouqnosliw sat down and placed a piece of paper on the table in front of him, with pen in hand, and starting thinking of a plan.

Ciar Dungeon

There stood a bard skeleton, dressed with a neat tuxedo, top hat, and a lute in hand. All the torches at the wall had now been lit and other than the bard skeleton, no one else was there. He looked at Psycojrb and Comhghan and just smiled.

“Who are you?” Pyscojrb demanded.

“In a situation like now, is that really the first thing you want to know?” The bard asked, all the while having a slight, but obvious smile. Pyscojrb was about to fire back an answer, but Comhghan held him back and decided to take the situation calmly.

“What happened to the goblins?” Comhghan asked.

“Ahh yes, the goblins. Is it not obvious to you? Rallying up all the goblins and capturing your guild member, it is clear that they want domination over the monsters. With all goblins together, their mass strength could be greater than any other dungeon or area, and take over like that. The reason they took your guild friend is so that they can manipulate him and he could later get the humans on their side as well. After they are done with the humans, they are going to kill them too, giving them total control of the land.” The bard skeleton explained.

“That’s…that’s terrible! We can’t let them do that!” Pyscojrb exclaimed.

“That’s right! We have to go stop them and save Nouq!” Comhghan agreed.

“Now now, I know you want to rescue them, but as you tried before, you won’t be able to get into Rabbie. However, if I guess right, they will be going to Barri dungeon next. Bring an army with you, ambush the goblins, and you should be victorious.” The bard informed.

“That’s right! We can get everyone from the guild and we can crush them like that. Come on Comh, we better get going!” Pyscojrb shouted, clearly anxious to get going.

“Yes let’s go. We can’t waste any more time.” Comhghan said and they walked past the bard and made way to the goddess statue, until Comhghan stopped and held Pyscojrb back.

“What?!? We have to go!” Pyscojrb exclaimed. Comhghan turned to Pyscojrb and whispered:

“How come the bard knew everything and just waited here? It doesn’t make sense.”

“You’re right…” Pyscojrb replied and turned around to face the bard.

The bard made no reply and just smiled. The dungeon door had closed.

Chapter 6 - End

Ohhh whats gonna happen?!?! Who knows lol...well, go review now? Very Happy It'd be much appreciated, gives me more motivation to write. I dont care if you rage at it, just review lol. Remember, Thoughts, opinions, reviews of story thread. Thanks~


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by SirCookie on Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:04 pm

Lol finally figured out my pass and read the story Very Happy

NIce Job

U should get a cookie Razz


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:43 pm

Happy New Years Everyone! And as a new years gift, I give you another crappy chapter of .....the story with no title! Shoulda done this a long time ago, but I had lost inspiration...anyways, this chapter is kinda boring but oh well.
And please review! In the "Thoughts, opinions, and Reviews of the story thread" Not this one!

Chapter 7 – Start

With the Fomors off their tails for now, the group in the underground pathway were at a bit more ease, but not much. These paths were barely ever used, so no one really knows what is in there. Only hearing the footsteps and water running, everyone still was on edge of any sort of attack.

“Abba, are you sure this path is safe?” Khayy asked, leading the group at the front, along with Abba and Killerzero.

“Gimer and Xisler told me this path is safe, as they have been on it. They’ve went up ahead too to check the exit. Also, this is better than inside the castle with the Fomors.” Abba answered as they started to walk on a much larger, circular platform above the water.

“Okay. Everyone, let’s take a break here! Soldiers, hand out food to everyone! We’re going to need our energy for later.” Khayy ordered and everyone started to look for a comfortable spot to sit and eat, even though it was just a flat, cold, hard floor. There was little talk during this break. Everyone sat quietly thinking about how they had to leave their homes, or even worse, the loved ones that had died just not too long ago from the Fomors. Despair had fallen upon the citizens of Tara, for their family, home, and city had all been taken away in only a few hours.

“Khayy, it’s not good to have them just thinking about these sad things. We should at least put their minds into getting away from here and start heading off again.” Abba explained.

“Yeah, I agree. Everyone, pack up! We are going!” Khayy announced and everyone started getting up and prepared to leave, until they were interrupted.

“Khayy! We have trouble!! Zombies!” Killerzero yelled, who stood on the pathway to move on. What he yelled was right. Zombies in front and behind the circular platform were climbing onto the pathway from the water, trying to proceed into the circle.

“What! I thought Gimer and Xisler said this was safe!” Apolloo yelled, agitated.

“They probably moved too fast for the zombies to detect them, therefore they weren’t attacked. However, that is not our worry right now.” Yazmine said and pulled out her dragon fang. Even without orders, soldiers immediately start surrounding and protecting the citizens that were unable to fight. They also stood at the edge of the circle, to try and prevent any zombies climbing up on their platform. Yazmine, Apolloo, and Littlemouse stood at the rear of the group, while Khayy, Abba, and Killer were at the front. The space to fight was also only wide enough to fit two people, so they could switch if any got tired.

“Ugh, ugh.” The zombies moaned and walked closer and closer. The Ewecaclowns braced themselves, and prepared for another long fight.

“Hm…Gimer and Xisler said they would be around here.” Clowny spoke aloud as he, Sircookie, and Liamj96 walked around in a forest, somewhere between Tara, Abb Neagh, and Emain Macha.

“I wonder why they brought us out here. Wouldn’t it have been a lot better to meet with the guild in the guild hall, rather than out here in the middle of the night?” Liamj96 asked.

“I agree. But no matter, it’s been a while since we got in contact with the guild. It’s good to at least hear from them.” Sircookie stated. The 3 of them had been on missions prior to this. Clowny, on a request from the giant king, King Krug, had to help exterminate the ice witches in the area around Vales. They had been causing unnatural weather occurrences and harming the wildlife there. The problem has not been fully resolved, but it had temporarily stopped, so Clowny was free to go. Sircookie had went on to research the Nubes Mountains. Because of the rough terrain, many secrets of the Nubes Mountains are still unknown and Sircookie went to try and discover these. Unfortunately, nothing was found in the time he was there. Liamj96 had focused himself on trading and has become one of Erinn’s most efficient merchants. With all his merchanting, he became very busy and had not contacted the guild in quite some time.

“There they are!” Sircookie pointed out and up ahead resting on a tree were Gimer and Xisler. Gimer and Xisler also spotted them and got up.

“Here you guys are. Did you guys tell anyone you were coming here, or did you notice anyone following you?” Xisler asked, checking around to see if anyone was there.

“We didn’t tell anyone we were coming, but why does it matter?” Clowny asked back. The three of them had yet to know about what happened in Tara, to Nouqnosliw, or anything of the guild.

“You don’t know what happened?” Gimer exclaimed. All three of them were surprised of Gimer’s reaction, but honestly did not know what happened and shook their heads. Gimer and Xisler just looked at each other, then back at them, and started explaining the whole situation.

“Wow…we really were gone for too long. I can’t believe that all this has happened.” Sircookie said.

“Yeah, but right now we can’t think about that. We have to make sure Khayy and everyone with him gets here safely.” Xisler said and motioned everyone to a large bush. He removed the bush and the patch of grass below it to reveal an underground tunnel.

“Out of those underground waterways, this is where we ended up. They should be on their way through this tunnel. We’ve been waiting here for them for quite some time now, and I’m starting to get worried.” Gimer explained.

“We’ll check it out and see if everything’s alright. You two keep watch of anything that goes on here.” Without giving a chance for a reply, Clowny headed down the ladder, with Liamj96 and Sircookie not far behind. Gimer and Xisler only looked at each other and sighed, hoping they would be alright.

Chapter 7 - End

There you have it! Chapter 7! Glad I finally got those 3 in the story, I needed more characters Razz Anyways, go review! Very Happy


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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by apolloo on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:28 pm

Hmmm good story :3, could use a little more love~ but still good<3 I wanna read more! Keep going!

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by abbachoochee on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:05 am

Fighting dirty zombies in the sewers, yay....
WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO US NEXT? O.o Dun dun dunnnnnn.
You finally started writing again, getting over writers block.
And if you need a new character in the story, I dont think apolloo is in it. Suspect

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by apolloo on Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:42 am

no no im in it, i just say 1 line is all Very Happy....

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:05 am

Well...I guess none of you were expecting this. A comeback from ME on the story!!! HAHAHA....okay. Anyhow, i found the motivation to write, so here it is. I hope it reaches your expectations, and feel free to give suggestions. Once again, please review after reading...if possible, in the other thread for the story. Though most people forget...but it would be appreciated :3 Happy reading~

Chapter 8 – Start

“Ugh. Ugh.” The zombies moaned as each fell to the hands of the six Clowns fighting, but with more zombies always climbing up. The zombies were mindless, heartless, but not powerless. Each blow taken from the zombie would always knock the wind out of someone and it would take a second for them to recover. The waves of zombies never seemed to end, as more and more would always drag themselves out of the water.

“We can’t hold on much longer.” Yazmine groaned, gritting her teeth as a zombie flailed his arms at her. Littlemouse and Apolloo weren’t faring well either. Littlemouse’s wand had been broken and fell in the water meaning she was only left with a shield and a club she picked up. Apolloo had suffered the worst of the three though. Not only did she have terrible injuries on her arm, legs, and chest, she ran out of alchemy crystals, meaning her main firepower is gone. Despite all that, the three continued fighting, knowing their lives is on the line.

“EAT THIS!” Abba cried out randomly once again to the zombies trying to hit him. This side had been faring better than the rear guard, even though Killer had to pull back due to injuries. Despite the water dripping on the zombies, Khayy’s flame burst evaporated the water and burned his enemies to crisps while Abba switched between shooting them with arrows and windmilling the ones that past Khayy’s powerful fire. However, both of them were fatigued and knew it would only be soon enough that the zombies would catch one of them off guard and injure them. The soldiers and citizens in the center, were also of little help. Most of them were still in shock about zombies, and the others are too scared to step up and fight and only protected the platform they were on with poking the spears at zombies who tried to climb.

“I don’t want to die!” A little boy cried out. He had lost his mother from the original Fomor attack on the city and had been quiet until this point.

“Help!” A girl cried. With those two cries, everyone started screaming, knowing their fate has been sealed down in the dirty waterways under Tara.

“If you want to live, then shut up and help!” A voice yelled from a distance. Everyone shut up and looked to the direction of the voice. Coming down the path Khayy and Abba were fighting, was Clowny, Sircookie, and Liam. They had made it in time.

“Instead of wailing on about how life sucks, do something to make it better!” Clowny yelled angrily at the citizens, and swung his Glory sword once more, clearing the path free of zombies. Clowny ran past Khayy and Abba to help the rear guard. Liam followed after Clowny, while Sircookie stayed with Khayy and Abba. Despite the thought that the zombies would keep on coming, shortly after the reinforcements arrived, the zombies stopped coming.

“This place isn’t safe. Let’s move out.” Khayy said grimly. Everyone agreed and was glad to get away from this wretched place.

“The exit is near. When we get out then we can tend to injuries and rest for a bit.” Sircookie explained.

Khayy, ignoring Sircookie’s comment, asked, “ Do you think they are with the Fomors and planned this attack on us?”

“Unlikely, because if it was planned I bet the Fomors would have come in and attacked us too while we were busy with zombies.” Apolloo explained. Khayy was still not convinced.

“Then why do you think there are zombies here?”

“Probably some necromancer that came here before and was experimenting with lots of bodies and just dumped his projects in the water.”

“Well alright. If you say so.” With that, Khayy silently moved on. Abba, sensing the ominous feeling among the
group, decided to try and lighten it:

“So Clowny, how was your trip to Vales?” Clowny looked at him and replied honestly,
“It was different. Before I got there, they said ice witches were messing around with weather and I assumed that unnatural weather probably meant it got too warm there. When I got there though, that wasn’t the case. Everything was frozen over and it was nearly too cold to be there. You could freeze to death. When I got there, I realized my assumption was dumb, I mean, ice witches, of course it would be to ice everything over.”

“So did you kill the ice witches?” Yazmine asked, joining in on the conversation.

“We wanted to, but it would be unwise to do so. If we fought them in at the current stage, we would lose. They are in their element and we are not. We would lose badly if we fought. Instead, we tried to help save the animals and people first by warming up the area, settings multiple campfires, tents, and creating igloos where there was still snow.”

“That’s good, but what do you mean by they’re in their element? Aren’t they always in their own element?” Littlemouse asked.

“An element is something that can help amplify one’s ability. They are always affiliated with their element, but it doesn’t mean that they always have it. With the surroundings all frozen up, they can fight to the best of their ability, while the rest of us are still freezing before we can make a move. I rather not be killed just yet.” Clowny explained.

“So why did you get to leave?” Abba questioned.

“We saved most of the animals and people there so our next action would be to strike, slowly but surely. King Krug said that this would take quite some time and until I am actually needed again, he said that his army should be able to do most of the work.” Clowny finished and everyone simply nodded in approval, glad that he was let off from Vales and could help them.

“There’s the ladder.” Liam spoke up and everyone looked up to see the sturdy wooden ladder that would lead them to the surface again.

“I told you before! Lions don’t live in Filia, nor do they eat us!” Xisler exclaimed at Gimer.

“But, someone told me they did…” Gimer mumbled.

“Well they’re wrong! Do you trust me more or some other random guy?” Xisler inquired.

“Obviously you, I mean, you’re like a broth-“

“Shhh!” Xisler cut him off before he could finish. Both of them crouched down low and hid behind a large tree, listening to the surroundings. They listened and watched as a small bush moved, the same one that they used to hide the path leading underground. Either their guild friends had made it back, or whatever danger was in there is coming out. Gimer pulled out his warrior axe and Xisler drew his bow. Even though they knew if their guild friends were defeated, they would have no chance, but they knew better than to run. That’s what their last brother-by-heart, Nouqnosliw, taught them.

“Guys? Where are you?” Sircookie’s head popped out from the ground and removed the bush. Both Gimer and Xisler sighed with relief and came out from hiding. The people started climbing out and the Ewecaclowns were safe. They now, could begin planning against the Fomors once again.

Chapter 8 – End

Thanks for reading~ Review please Smile

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

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Epic Story!

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Re: The Story!!!!!!

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