New Event. :D

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New Event. :D

Post by Nexusz on Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:22 pm

This Saturday 8pm Est ( 5pm Pacific) We have a Forest Petrification Guild Run. We will be in channel 3 , if you have any questions or concerns dont worry I will personally handle it just PM Or Send me a Note to Nexusz. I would like to thank you all for the support. And dont worry if you miss it we have the same every week per month Meaning if this month we have Petrification we have it Once on the weekends Per week so 4 times a month we will run it and it will vary on Saturday Or Sunday. And for you people who are doing stuff on sunday like Church we will have it Later. I would like to thank whoever comes and remember to bring w.e you want. It will give us a chance to bond and hang out. I hope that we can get into a skype call during the event. Once again i'd like to thank you all soo much for your time and effort and questions Please PM me on skype , The guild skype , Or note or PM me in Mabi ( Nexusz)
                                        - Sincerely Joshua ( A.K.A Nexusz)
                                                                       APPROVED BY : GUILD LEADER Khayy!

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