A Recap of the Guild Meeting

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A Recap of the Guild Meeting

Post by Guest on Sun May 04, 2014 4:50 pm

For those who missed the meeting, this is what we covered.

1) A lack of responses on Mabi guild chat for help has been noticed and people are annoyed they aren't getting any help, or even replies. We would like to emphasize more guild activity and even if you can't do anything to help, at least reply in a friendly manner. Let people know that you are paying attention.

2) Ewecaclowns is a guild with a long history. We've went through a lot, but because of that, we also have built a reputation in the Mabinogi community, and a not-so-positive one. People have left before and have mentioned bad things (all which have passed already), but it leaves a bad mark. If you can, try to help more often outside the guild. This can be as simple as doing daily with randoms. Be a good Mabinogi citizen. Also, be friendly to others. Sometimes a few of us will troll others, and others can take that very offensively. For the sake of yourself and the guild, try to reduce those actions.

3) Recruit and help players all over! New, old, experienced, unexperienced. All of them are welcome in the guild, and hopefully we can make it a home for others.

Thats about it for the meeting recap. Hope we can all do better for each other!

Any comments or concerns let me know or post it here.


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Re: A Recap of the Guild Meeting

Post by Littlemouse on Sun May 04, 2014 6:53 pm

I agree that we need a more positive and friendly outlook towards each other and other players within mabi. It's easy to get frustrated with such a diverse group of people but we all could be more accepting & tolerant. An being nicer will attract more members too.

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Re: A Recap of the Guild Meeting

Post by Yazmine on Tue May 06, 2014 1:18 am

I also agree i love this guild and we need to improve our reputation so get out there and show people how awesome we can be !!!!!

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Re: A Recap of the Guild Meeting

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