GUILD TOURNAMENT! 10K nx first place!

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GUILD TOURNAMENT! 10K nx first place!

Post by Darkness137 on Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:39 pm

Rules: NO DAMAGE REFORGED GEAR! (Elementals are allowed however)
*Banned skills-Frozen Blast, Mirage missile, Awakening of Light, Trans(Falcon, etc.), Way of the Gun, Life Drain
*NO POTS: Mana shield allowed
*Will be in Darkness137's homestead channel 5 at 10:00pm est, any updated time changes will be on skype chat.


(Yazmine vs Khayy )-(Drpepsi vs. stimulated)-(Nouqnosliw vs. Billybean)-(Windowman vs. Abbachoochee)
(Littlemouse vs. Mentaliti)


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