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Guild revamp for mabinogi player made content forum

Post by Billybean on Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:03 pm

Mabinogi Guild Revamp
Guild Vault :
Mabinogi guilds should be allowed to have their own storage that doesn't cost them anything extra. The Guild Vault should contain 1 huge storage tab with the ability to buy up to 5 more guild storage tabs. Also the vault should be able to store the guilds gold. This gold could then in turn be used to give out repairs to its guild members. The Guild Leader of every guild will have the ability to set rights to the Guild vaults to every guild member through a ranking system that will be further explained.
Example of guild tab pricing:
increases for each successive tab, 250,000 Gold, 500,000 Gold, 750,000 Gold, 1,000,000 Gold, 1,250,000 Gold.

Guild ranks :
Guild ranks would allow better use of the guild by allowing permissions along with giving your veteran guild members a rank to fit their time for being in the guild.
Guild Permissions : The guild leader of every guild should have the ability to set permissions for each rank in their guild. Permissions for a certain rank can allow that rank to demote, promote, kick from guild, invite to guild, guild repairs, guild vault tab access, set guild events, and/or set message of the day. These permissions could be set individually per rank. This could allow for more officers to moderated the guild chat.
Examples of rank: Say there are 5 guild ranks by default: Recruit, Member, Senior Member, Officer, and Leader. Guilds could then have up to 10 customization ranks.

Guild Perks :
Mabinogi Guilds could give there guild members perks. This could be done by adding more to the Guild's leveling system. Players collect play points, which then can be donated to the guild to increase the guild's level and every level the guild could be given a passive perk.
The reason why I would want these perks introducedis to give incentive to players to join an existing guild rather than create their own guild. I have observed that a majority of players in mabinogi DO NOT participate in their own guild.

Examples of Perks and level cap for guild : Guilds level cap could be level 10 allowing for 5-10 passive perks. Perks that could possibly be guild rewards would be: rewards Reduced dura loss, Reduced chance to lose blessing on items, Reduce repair cost at vendors, Small bonus xp increase, and etc"
NOTE : These are just examples of what could be put in place as guild perks.

Guild Events : One other thing that could bring guild members together is to allow the guild leader and whoever else, the guild leader gives permission to, the ability to set up guild events on a in-game calendar. This would help exclude the need for guild leaders to have a website for their members to visit just to get guild information on player made events.

Guild Challenges : Challenges that are guild member exclusive only would help ensure a guild is more social with its guild members. These challenges could give exclusive rewards to all members of the guild who participated in the challenges. These rewards could range from fashion items, gold, large amounts of xp, and adventure seals. The harder the challenge the better the rewards. Also it would make it more worthwhile if the harder challenge not only rewarded a fixed item but also rewarded an item that has a small drop percentage. Challenges would need to be almost near impossible to complete on harder difficulties.


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