The Other Side of the Coin

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The Other Side of the Coin

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:21 am

My second story, hope its better than the first. Reviews are appreciated. Enjoyy

Chapter 1 - Start

“Terez, why do we have to run? This is our home, why can’t we stay here?” The young prince, Desca, asked.  

“Milord, you should know the answer to that better than any of us. We run because we lost the battle and in o
rder for us to survive for tomorrow, we run now. In order for us to see light again, we run now. In order to achieve peace for our future, we run now.” Terez replied, running past the burning homes and fallen trees.

“But why…why do they attack us?” Desca stuttered. He still had a hard time believing all the attacks on his home.

“It comes from the emotions that come from every one of us. Jealousy, greed, and pride. Their desire to always want more, always achieve more, leads to more bloodlust and killing. It is a nature that, not only they have, but some of us do too. It’s this nature that leads to the deaths and agony that you hate." Terez answered, quickening his pace once more to urge on the other party members.

Desca looked at his remaining party: only 12 members left, excluding him. He remembered before they started running that there was 40 of them. Each time more enemies occurred however, more friends would be lost, just to protect him. He didn’t understand why they are risking their lives for someone as useless as himself. He isn’t strong like his father, nor smart like his mother, he is just a regular prince, with no specialties whatsoever.

“Milord! There’s the east gate!” Terez pointed out and sure enough, the east gate of Tailteann lay just ahead of them. “Once we pass through, we can close it off and escape into the wilderness.”


“What’s that?!?” Desca asked, startled.

“They’ve caught up to us a lot faster than expected. We must hurry milord.” One of the soldiers stated. The party continued to the gate, but the cries grew louder and louder. Desca looked back at the city. Flames, blood, and destruction were the only words that could describe what happened to his home. Desca couldn’t look at it anymore and ran past the gate, looking at the path ahead of him. However, the footsteps behind him stopped.

“Terez! What are you guys doing? We have to go!” Desca yelled.

“Milord, their advance is too fast. If we run, you will not be able to get away.” Terez answered.

“I don’t want to run away then! I’ll stay here and fight!” Desca argued.

“You will not! You must run. It is our only hope.” Terez shouted back, while setting up barrier spikes around the door.

“But why?? Why can’t you guys run? Why can’t I be the one stopping them to let you run?! I don’t have any special abilities like you guys, so it’s better if you’re alive instead of me!” Desca asked, furious with his party.

“Milord. The 12, no, the 40 of us would not be putting our lives on the line, if we didn’t think you have no special ability. Your ability is different from ours. You may not have the fighting ability we do, but you have something else that can change our future. We fight because we believe in you, not because you are our prince. We fight because we know; you can change the future of our race.” Terez answered, not once looking away from Desca.

“Terez…everyone..” Desca muttered.

“NOW GO!” Terez ordered, and without looking back, the young Fomor prince let the tears run down his face and escaped into the wilderness alone.

Chapter 1 – End

There it is, chapter 1. I'd love if there were some reviews too, gives me a little more motivation


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Re: The Other Side of the Coin

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:58 am

Short chapters atm. I'll try to get them longer later on. Just seeing how this story works out first. Enjoyy

Chapter 2 – Start

Desca splashed the reddish water onto his face from the pond. He had been running for what seemed to be hours from the humans that were chasing him. He didn’t understand. Why are there people after him? Why weren’t the humans satisfied with what’s in their world? Why do they need to destroy his home to find pleasure?

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Desca screamed in frustration. “Why, why, WHY?!?”

He looked around. Not a soul near him. Well that would make sense, everyone lives in the cities in the Fomor world, people don’t go outside the city unless to travel. No one stays in the wilderness for long. He looked in the pond once again and saw his own reflection. He always wondered why he looked so different from other Fomors, or Shadow creatures. Fomors have dark skin, pure white eyes, and never grew hair. However, ever since he was born, Desca was different. He peered into the water, looking at his attributes closer. Light skin, dark hazel eyes, a gentle face without a hint of scars from war, and midlength bright pink hair. In most cases, anyone would assume he’s a human.

Touching his chest, he felt the mark that bore on his skin since he was a child, the Fomor Mark. The mark that proved he is a candidate to be the next successor of the Fomor world. He ran his hand over his forearm and legs, feeling the scales on his body. They only appeared there, but with those and the mark, it was enough to convince everyone that he is indeed a Fomor.

“What should I do now…I can’t keep on running. If I want to save our race, I have to do something.” Desca sighed. He looked in the water. The water rippled through, breaking the image of the young prince.

“Wait…rippling water? There’s no wind…why is it..?” Desca looked around. Everything seemed in order. But the water, the water continued to ripple from inside out. Desca touched the pond but the ripple did not break. It continued to ripple, getting stronger by the second. Desca looked into the pond again. A white light.

“Come…” A voice called. “Come to us…”

As if listening to the voice, the rippling water pulled Desca into the pond before he could react. Despite being a strong swimmer, Desca was no match for the powerful pressure the water applied to him.

“H-help…” Desca tried calling out, but was muffled by the water. Knowing he could not escape his fate, he closed his eyes and passed out, hoping to leave the world quietly.

Chirp! Chirp!

The birds sang happily as the bright sun once again shined upon Sliab Cuilin. Bears feasted on the juicy berries while boars and foxes rested on the soft grass. The area was quiet, as miners still had to wait for the cuilin stones to ripen. Not a human soul was there to disturb the natural beauty. However, there was one oddity in the area. The young Fomor prince lay in the shallow pool of water, opening his eyes and witnessing something he had only ever seen in books before. Colour.

Chapter 2 – End


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Re: The Other Side of the Coin

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:46 pm

Awesome start. Good descriptions of the areas in Tailteann and Sliab Cuilin!


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Re: The Other Side of the Coin

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 28, 2013 4:37 am

The third chapter. Hope you all enjoy it. Lemme know what you think~

Chapter 3 – Start

Desca lied there, trying to comprehend everything he saw. Instead of the reddish world he was used to, there was a different colour to nearly everything. His mother had only shown him pictures in a book before, but to see it personally with his own eyes was something else. A blue sky, light green grass, and trees with all sorts of green shades. This must be…the human world.

“It’s so beautiful…” Desca uttered in amazement. He looked all around him. The air, animals, and atmosphere just echoed in a voice of liveliness and spirit. Never had Desca seen such a thing before nor had he entered the human world before. Enjoying the fresh and new surroundings, Desca laid there to enjoy everything for a long period of time, until he heard a voice yell:

“Hey you! Mind helping a man out?” Desca got up and looked for where the voice came from. At the cuilin stones stood a man looking directly at him. “Well, do ya mind?”

“Uh, sure.” Desca replied out of habit. He always liked helping others and helping this man only seemed natural. What was unnatural to Desca, was the man himself however. Heading over to the man, Desca took the time to study the features of him, a human. The man had a rough, brown hair, with a thick beard to match his hair. His eyes were deep and almost dark, but gave off a gentle feel when looked upon. Standing at about 5’10, he wasn’t taller than Desca, but had thick and strong muscles that could only be gained through years of hard work and labour.

“Sleeping around this area ain’t always the safest boy. Never know when a bear is gonna grab ya.  Here, help me set this table up.” The man said, grabbing things from his wagon.

“Uh, yes sir. Ah…wher—what’s your name?”  Desca asked, trying to act as humanly as possible.

“Just call me Tuffs. How about you lad?” Tuffs redirected back.

“I’m Desca.” Desca replied softly, hoping his name isn’t known to the humans.

“Desca? First time hearing that sorta name. Pleasures mine Desca.” Tuffs replied. Desca sighed quietly in relief and nodded back. With that, Tuffs started to mine at the stones in front of him.

“So...Tuffs. What are you doing?” Desca asked, perplexed by what’s happening.

“Never seen someone mine before? Mining these can get you rare stones and alchemy crystals. That damned army always requesting for more crystals.”

“Army? What army?”

“Sheesh kid, you live under a rock or something? Haven’t you heard about the war with the Fomors? The Royal Army need clay and golem crystals to help fight those guys off, so they put commoners like us to do their dirty work.” Desca instantly knew what was happening then. The war details were all given to him when he was still at home.

“So, they forced you to work?” Desca asked, still not quite understanding the whole situation of the mining.

“Pretty much. Some of those damned soldiers, I tell ya, they’re always barking orders at people when I haven’t even seen them do one thing to help out us civilians. Just don’t make sense to me sometimes.” Tuffs explained, throwing in his bag what seemed to be a clay crystal. “But lad, they aren’t all bad. Some of them really do care for us, and that’s why I’m motivated to work. I know someone out there is gonna thank me someday. Just like in everything else, there’s good and bad soldiers. Some ya like, some ya don’t.”

Good and bad. Desca thought about those two words heavily. This human seemed good to him, but the ones that ravaged his lands are bad to him, yet they would most likely be good to Tuffs. Where is the line of good and bad? The more he thought about this, the more confused he became. Desca pushed away the thought and continued to help Tuffs for the stones, not considering the fact that these stones will sooner or later be used back on his own kind. After a few hours, Tuffs started packing up.

“Alright lad, that’s enough for now. I’m gonna head back to Taillteann and trade these in for some gold, you coming along?” Tuffs spoke out, looking into his bag of crystals. Desca thought about refusing, but after realizing he had nowhere else to go, he just nodded his head and agreed to follow.

“Don’t worry, I won’t cut you short on your part, you did a fair share a work. Heck, couldn’t see it that such a skinny man could do that much work!” Tuffs laughed loudly. Tuffs may be a large guy, but his gentle attitude and hearty laugh warmed Desca and made him forget of his troubles.

Desca waited patiently for Tuffs to return. Tuffs had told him to wait outside as Taillteann had increased its security during the war and it would be best if Desca didn’t go in, to his own relief. It would be bad if they caught the Fomor prince in the human world. He thought of the human world and how beautiful it is compared to his own. How could such a beautiful place be sparked by the flames of war? How could people want to destroy this type of setting? Desca pondered on these thoughts for a while longer until he saw Tuffs running back and when Tuffs got back to where he was standing…Tuffs collapsed.

“Tuffs! Tuffs! Are you alright?” Desca panicked and saw a huge stream of blood coming out of his back.

       “H…Here ya go, kid. That..that gold, its all yours.” Tuffs weakly smiled, handing over a bag full of gold coins.

“Tuffs, don’t worry about that right now, we have to get you treated!” Desca frantically tried to stop the flow of blood by his hands, but to no avail.

“Hey..don’t bother kid. Im done for….those damn soldiers, said some Fomor is hiding in our world, and says that I was working with him…and had…to hand you over. I told them to go to hell. Even if you are a Fomor, I wouldn’t hand you in. And then….I turned around, and they got me. Escaped for now…but I think they’ll be catching up soon kid, you gotta run.” Tuffs spoke quietly.

“But why…why did you save me? You could of just handed me in to save yourself…why?” Desca cried.

“I told you before kid…in everything, there’s good and bad. Even if you were the Fomor, then you’re the most damned good Fomor I ever met. That’s all the reason I need…” Tuffs muttered out and let his head finally drop. Tuffs had lost too much blood.

“I think he ran this way!” A voice yelled out. Desca knew this had to be the Taillteann soldiers. Taking one last look at his deceased friend, Desca grabbed the gold coins and ran. Tears streamed down his face as he once again pictured the soldiers murdering the ones close to him. Once again, he had lost someone who had cared for him. Once again, he was running away from soldiers. Once again, he was alone.

Chapter 3 – End

There ya have it. Hope you guys liked it


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Re: The Other Side of the Coin

Post by Crispypoyo on Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:55 pm

Its Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! Laughing 

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Re: The Other Side of the Coin

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